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I know you all have seen my office in the background before, I realized you never saw my ceiling, I have taken this HNT as an oppurtunity to show you my ceiling.  Let me know how you like it?


Posted: 08:45, 2011-Oct-6 in Jenni Slut Wife
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I'm back again!

Hey everybody!
I KNOW that some people have been worried about me, or angry, that I've been letting this blog go, not posting, for so long, and for that, I'm sorry, but, to be truthful, I just haven't been in the mood to post.

But, figure that I owe you nice guys and girls an update, so here goes...

I've been with a real nice Black Man, for 15 months, and I have to say, I'm EXTREMELY happy!
I'm getting all the sex I could wish for, from him, his friends, and guys that he brings home, as well as the occasional trips out to adult theaters, Black bars, and other places...

For example... last weekend, he took me to the sleaziest part of town, and before leaving the house, he had me dress, as he put it, like the cheapest, sleaziest, white-trash slut possible!

Well, that wasn't difficult! LOL!
He wound up leading me down an alley, both ends of which was heavily trafficked, and he had me drop to my knees and start sucking his Beautiful Black Cock. (NO PROBLEM!!)
He was treating me like a cheap whore that he'd picked up, really fucking my throat hard, fast, and deep!
As I'd HOPED would happen, soon, the sight of me being throat-raped attracted a group of young guys who were passing by...Once I assured them that I was ok, and that I LOVED how Bull was using me, the cocks started coming out.. All sizes, shapes, and all BLACK! I was in heaven! Over the course of the next hour or so, these young guys had their cocks in my mouth, down my throat, RAMMED HARD up my ass, and fucked my cunt so hard, that I was walking strange afterwards!
I was a real sight that night, walking down the street, cum dripping from my cunt and ass, down my legs, cum drying on my face, in my hair, and my tiny tube-top so soaked that it was drying into a crusty, flaky mess!
Bull and I had walked about 4 blocks, down a semi-busy public sidewalk, when he suddenly stopped, looked into an alley, and pulled me down it.. I thought "Great! Round two!"...NOPE...

Instead, he had me drop to my knees, pulled out his beautiful cock, and proceeded to piss all over me!
Now, I don't have a problem with that, I just didn't expect it.. He hosed my face, my chest, and REALLY hosed down my hair! I was a dripping, filthy, cum-encrusted, piss-covered mess!
After he was done, he just grabbed me by the hair, stood me up, and marched me back to the sidewalk..
His truck was another block away, so he told me that, being the mess that I was, that I was going to have to ride in the truck bed! Well, it wouldn't be the first time, and I doubt it will be the last...

When we got home, he took me around back, and hosed me off with the garden hose... thank god it's still somewhat warm out!
He stripped me there, outside, and took my hand, and lead me into our "playroom".
At that point, he took two of my biggest vibrating dildoes, and roughly shoved them in my cunt and ass, then secured them in place with duct tape, tied my hands above my head, to the headboard of the bed, and shoved a sock in my mouth, and secured it with more duct tape.He told me that he was going to leave me like that overnight!
Well, needless to say, I was in no position to argue, and I figured that was that.. I was just going to be left like this, to cum my brains out, till he untied me sometime the next day...
He came back a few minutes later, with two baggies.. in one, was cocaine.. in the other, crystal meth...
He took the coke, and coated my cuntlips,and my clit with it, till I was totally numb down there.. then, he took the meth, put it in a syringe with some brandy, and injected it into my asshole!
So here I am, holes still full of strange men's cum, two LARGE vibrating dildoes in my holes, my clit, and pussy lips numb, and about 8 ounces of liguid in my asshole, with the meth and the brandy giving a slight burning sensation, and my desire to cum building quickly!
At that point, he walked away...
I was going crazy with the need to cum , in no time flat!
I STILL, after what seemed like an hour, couldn't feel my cunt at all! I mean, I felt the dildo in my pussy, KNEW it was vibrating, but I wasn't getting any feeling from it!
My asshole, on the other hand, was THROBBING from being used so much, and so hard, that night, and so many times, I felt like, "if He'll only move that damn dildo in and out a few times, I'll orgasm!!!"
Again.. no such luck!
Until hours later.... my holes are sore as hell, but the cocaine was worn off, and I've had a few, unsatisfying orgasms... then HE walks in. and he wasn't alone!
He brought this OLD man in, he had to have been in his eighties!!
He tells the old man, "go ahead, do whatever you want to the slut.. she loves it!"
And leaves the room!
The old man strips naked, climbs on the bed, and YANKS the dildoes out of me! I'm so sore at this point, that all I can do is scream! Well, the gag took a lot of the impact of that scream away, and he just sat back chuckling.. I'm thinking to myself "WTF???"
The old man starts on my tits.. he's not being at all gentle, he's digging his fingers deeply into my tit-flesh, really sinking them in, and squeezing, till tears are coming from my eyes, then, he starts in on my nipples.. he starts pinching them, HARD (which I LOVE, btw), then starts yanking on them, practically lifting me off the bed by my nipples!
He starts slapping them, side to side, tops and bottoms, then digs his fingers in again, this time, TWISTING MY TITS!!! OUCH!!!!
Next thing I know, hes BITING my tit-flesh! And I mean DEEP!!! Days later, I STILL have teeth marks and bruises on my tits!!
He tired of that after god-knows how long, and starts to work on my nipples, not nibbling, bit even biting, but CHEWING on my nipples, till they started to bleed!
When he stops, and steps back, I notice that the old bastard is hard! 80 yrs old, I wouldn't think he could still get it up, but I'm wrong again, as I've been wrong so many times, this night...

This old man, after abusing my tits and nipples so horribly (but looking back on it, I have to admit, I *did* enjoy quite a bit of it!), he goes down on my pussy, and really starts licking deep, like he KNOWS that I have multiple loads of cum in me (turns out, Bull told him about my alley gangbang), and he's licking me SO deep! I swear, I could feel his tongue damn near at my cervix!
Within 30 seconds, I'm moaning, wanting to just grab his head, and keep it right there, or at least tell him not to stop, but I can't do either...
He does stop, but only after he's gotten most, if not all, of the cum from my cunt, and gotten me off quite a few times in the process!
All of a sudden he turns me over onto my stomach, and starts eating out my asshole, grabbing my ass cheeks, and pulling them apart pretty roughly!
That's it! I started cumming again, and again, and again!
Finally, he turns me over again, spreads my legs, and slides his hard cock, about 6 inches, but with a very defined head, so very gently into my pussy, and proceeds to again, so gently, lick my throat, my ears, kiss my lips, place light kisses on my eyelids, and all over my face, while he slowly, gently fucks me!
This weird combination of styles, brutal, then gentle, has me, mentally, totally off-kilter, and I'm waiting, expecting him, at any time, to start brutalizing me again, but it never comes..

He must have fucked me for a good hour, so slowly, so gently, that I started to dry up a bit... it felt good though, his cock in me, but by know, I'm so sore all over, that I wish he'd just cum in me, and get it over with...
As I felt his cock speed up it's fucking of me, he suddenly bites my neck! I'm talking, teenager-strength hickie style!!
He's also gone back to pinching my nipples!
That does it for me, I'm SOAKING WET, and on the verge of my best orgasm in days!
I start to shake, I'm thrashing all over the place, moaning, screaming, pounding the back of my head into the mattress, wanting to grab hold of him, and pull him in deeper, to beg him to hurt my nipples more, but all that's coming out of me, are incoherent moans!
The old man cums in my pussy, then goes down, and starts flicking his tongue on my clit, like it's got a high-speed motor! He's also ramming what feels like 4 fingers in my asshole, hard, and fast, and DEEP!
That's the last thing I remember!

I woke up later, and Bull told me that I had been out for 10 hours! I noticed that he had untied me, and removed the gag, and had carried me to our bed..I still looked a mess, but I felt SO good!
Bull helped me to the bath, and I took a nice long soak, then went back to bed for a few more hours...

I love Bull.. he's so nasty, yet caring...

I think I'm going to stay here quite a while! I haven't had the urge to travel since I met Bull, and if he can keep me satisfied, the way he's done so far, I might just settle down with him!

I think I'm going to go to the gynecologist, and see if I'm still able to have kids... Bull and I have been talking about the possibility of it, and how we would raise them. especially after I told him about my daughters....he really gave my holes a workout that night, so I think he might be just kinky enough to want to duplicate what has happened to my daughters... but I think he's thinking of starting them younger... who knows?
But, whatever happens, I love Bull, and think that I'll go along with whatever he decides.. he hasn't disappointed me yet!



Posted: 07:24, 2011-Oct-6 in My adventures as a Black Cock Slut
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lardbutt hnt

We were at the beach and, when I fell asleep, I became a target for The Husband's camera and pranking. I'm a sound sleeper so I didn't feel him give me the wedgie.When I saw this image later, I wasn't entirely pleased, because it makes me look like I have a fat ass due to the angle of my legs and other assorted reasons. But it seemed like a good choice for Half-Nekkid Thursday, given I am


Posted: 02:42, 2011-Oct-6
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Masturbate, And Evolve - It's No Thong Thursday!!

Masturbation is primal, and probably the number one primary form of sexual expression for we humans. It's not just for children, or for those in-between lovers, or for elderly people who end up alone. Masturbation is exploratory, liberating and freedom... symbolized and expressed in the ongoing love affair we each have with ourselves throughout our lifetime!

You would think we could at least celebrate masturbation as the safest sex there is! In the age of AIDS and other STD's, masturbation seems like the safest form of sex anyone could ever have, but making love alone - masturbating - is still society's dirty little secret! How sad!!

This cultural denial of masturbation sustains sexual repression. Sexual repression, I fully believe, is at the heart of most every major human mental and psychological malfunction there is.
From childhood through adulthood, most people feel guilt and shame over masturbation. Deprived of a sexual relationship with ourselves, we humans are much easier to manipulate and more accepting of any status-quo.

I believe masturbation holds the key to reversing sexual repression, especially for women who think they're "frigid" or aren't sure whether they're having orgasms in partnered sex. The same is true for men who are premature ejaculators, or for those men who can't get enough stimulation to have an orgasm from simple fucking.

Masturbation is the best of ways for all of us to learn about sexual response. It's an opportunity for us to explore our bodies and minds for all those sexual secrets we've been told and taught to hide, even from ourselves!!

What better way to learn about pleasure and being sexually creative! You don't have to perform or meet anyone's standards, to satisfy the needs of a partner, or to fear criticism or rejection for failure. Sexual skills are like any other skills; they are not Magically inherited. They have to be learned!! How do you learn them? You MASTURBATE!!

Universal acceptance of masturbation is the next step in civilization's sexual evolution. So girls, leave off your panties, spread your legs as wide as you can, masturbate, and evolve - It's No Thong Thursday!! Kisses...



Posted: 20:59, 2011-Oct-5 in The Khristy Creams
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AHH I'm so angry and bummed with myself for dropping my blackberry in the toilet!! My phone was in my back pocket of my jeans and I was pulling my pants down to pee and it fell in T_T
Right now it's in a tupperware with some rice to hopefully dry up any left over moisture, I really hope that I didnt eff it up too bad because theres no way that I can afford a new phone right now!

In other news, I picked up a couple gifts today one of which was the complete series of Babylon 5!!!

I'm so happy because I've had it on my wishlist for quite a long time, and whoever purchased for me will be getting 2 videos as thanks!! :D So please email me your Amazon Proof of Purchase!!! :D 

I also posted a poll on the right hand side to get a better idea of what you guys would like to see from me, and dont be shy to ever let me know of something you'd like to see! I love suggestions!! 

And to the 4 people who voted I should retire, LOL, I literally laughed out loud at the fact that you took the time to come to my blog and vote for me to retire...if nothing else, you at least added to my blog hits so thanks!! ^_^ 

And everyone else who's voted so far, thank you, I appreciate you taking a moment to give me your opinions :) 

Enjoy these pics!!


Posted: 20:02, 2011-Oct-5 in Mina Stefan
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HNT: Eighty-three

These tips, these hands, these fingers, they do nothing but incite the riot, they do nothing but remind me of your sweet, possessing touch, they do nothing but flood my body with the ache, your kiss, our hunger, they do nothing but recall the man I crave and need too much. (Remember to knock on Osbasso??s door to see this week??s gorgeous players??)


Posted: 12:03, 2011-Oct-5 in Love Hate Sex Cake
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jerking off could lead to arrest

The Daily Beast is now running an interesting article about the rise of amateur-run, informal online sperm co-ops as an alternative to the more structured and expensive professional spermbanks.In a nutshell, women who want to avoid the traditional sperm bank but who also want to become pregnant arrange a donation from a stranger, either with him masturbating into a cup or by having sex. Unlike


Posted: 02:21, 2011-Oct-5
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I'm On Vacation

No, I'm not. What I'm on is something bizarre. Sveta and I are booking a hotel room (cheap, cheap hotel room) about halfway between us (and about half the money from each, something which absolutely kills me because damn it, I want to be able to treat my girlfriend, but I'm fucking poor). She has class, I have work. But if we're halfway between, the commute is manageable.

So we're going to be domestic. In a cheap room with no ability to be terribly domestic. But we'll both go do our separate things, then come "home" and be homebodies.

I'm not totally sure why we both think this is a good idea. It's probably not. We'll probably be exhausted by it. But there are a number of days where neither of us have anything to do, and we'll be together on those days. We don't plan to spend every second we're together making love. It may happen, but we'd like to try a bit of romance. Watching movies, going out, holding hands because no one knows us, all that good shit.

So anyway, I'm happier than I have been in a while. I'm also probably going to be somewhat incommunicado for a few days. We'll have some internet, but I may not have the interest in doing anything online when I can be with her. You might understand why. Anyway, I may answer emails, I will try to write a Flash Fiction Friday, and beyond that, don't expect too much. It's not that I don't love you all, but sometimes you have to take a break. Or at least pretend to be taking a break. I'll be working just as hard.

I'm not sure what you call it. Just for the love of God don't use the word "staycation." I hate that word. We're taking a break from some of the crap of life to be together. We wanted to be on our own. It is what it is.


Posted: 16:19, 2011-Oct-4 in Lex Ploits
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The End of the Beginning or Beginning of an End?

I've looked back on this and realized that to be true to the title of this blog, the journey of my wife (and me) continues--although it may not be in the erotic directions that it has been in the past. But then again the one thing I have learned after the years with my wife is always expect the unexpected.

I was cleaning off some old files, transferring them to smaller, more portable hard drives with password protection. I also cleaned out some old floopy's and some zip drives. And in doing so I came across the photos of my wife with the black man she cheated on me with. I said to myself, well, it is something you need to deal with, and she was out of town anyway, so I opened up the file and revisited them.

They were erotic of course--but there was none of the "magic" that they both claimed was there at the time. It was just two people enjoying fucking each other. In the same folder was some notes I had made to myself during that time, and one that bothered me, right in the middle of things when I first discovered the photos he had sent her on our computer of the two of themh together.

When first confronted I demanded she choose. She deferred, saying she had to talk to a friend first. And then later she said, "I will make it up to you." But then later I was reminded that she was still in contact with him behind my back. So I stewed on this for a week or two. What would I say to her that I had not already said?

Inside I was furious all over again. And I became angry with myself for not being able to handle it any better. And I did a lot of introspection.

I had gotten to the point since she has quit hotwifing that if she wanted to start back and spend do an overnight without me, if I was comfortable with the guy, that it would be hot. She had loosened up a bit and is willing to now role play anything--as long as I understand that is it for the role playing and not because she wants to do it for real--even if she gets turned on during.

So I dropped her going away with a lover and coming back and telling me about it as a role play.
It turned her on. A few nights later, after I had taken another look at her attraction to her lover from that time--the only one she told that she had loved him--and I had drunk far too much that night, and during the description of the fantasy I told her to imagine that I was ok with her seeing him again (she had told me that recently), but only on condition that she had to fuck someone else in between every fuck with him (like I said, I was really drunk), and then just for the hell of it I threw in that she would have to get a tattoo on her pussy--a black spade. The sex was good, we went to sleep, and neither mentioned it when we awoke. I seriously suspected she had been too drunk herself to even mention it.

The problem was other than talking about it in fantasy I was still hurt and angry about all of it. Especially the lies, the betrayal, etc. "It wasn't about you fucking him, " I told her, "you had permission to do that. But you had to betray my trust."

You can't live with someone for years without being able to pick up on things, and that night as we sat out on the porch of the mountain cabin, it all just boiled over. She kept pushing to find out what was wrong with me, why I was so angry at her, and I let it all out. All of it. And maybe I was more articulate this time, as she seemed to get it.

It was a rambling blow-up. Ranging from "that time you were spending with him behind my back was attention you were stealing from me, and you didn't have the right to do that." I told her that giving her permission to enjoy other men was a gift (she nodded) but a gift she had thrown back in my face. Half way through it she brought up the role play of doing him again.

"I do want to," she said.

"Could you without getting emotionally involved again?" I asked.

"No. I really do not want to see him again because of that." Then she got more solemn, and added, "I will make it up to you like promised. I will get a tattoo like you described if you want me to."

I paused then. "And I didn't say I wouldn't ever do another black guy again," she added, "I said I didn't want to right now--and I'm not sure if I ever will want to again. In the right opportunity, in the right frame of mind, I probably would."

This was one of those serious back-side-of-the-argument moments, when a couple actually come to a realization and resolve certain things and reach a more honest understanding with each other.

I told her I was furious with her for doing that--and I was furious with myself for even considering her being with him again--even in fantasy.

"I will do someone else if you want me to," she said, "if you think that would help."

"No, the biggest part of it in the past has been because YOU wanted to. If you don't want to I know there is some kind of price to pay down the road--and I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do."

"There wouldn't be a price," she said. The conversation stalled. "Are we going to have sex tonight or continue arguing."

"I don't have anything else to say," I said, "I have put it all out there." Then I smiled at her, "and this make-up sex is usually pretty good."

So we ended the night on a positive note, and I felt better, and I think she may have finally understood the gutting she had done to me over this, and for the first time I felt she actually felt remorse for having done it.

And when I first slid inside her, into her very hot and soaked pussy, I stopped. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. "What?" she asked.

"I was wondering if I could get a rain check on you doing someone else for me," I said.

"Yes," she laughed before I stopped it with a kiss.

Truthfully I do not expect anything beyond the conversation--but I guess the thing is the conversation continues.

The next day though she did say, "Why don't I get a henna tattoo there first and see how we like it."


Posted: 15:46, 2011-Oct-4 in Journey of a Hotwife
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TMI Tuesday

This week??s TMI Tuesday idea is from Heelsnstocking.

1. What??s the worst reason you have been given for breaking up?
I have only been broken up with ones, so this is my best and worst reason for being broken up with. In my second Year University my girlfriend attended another university several provinces over. She accused me of spreading rumors about her, that she was fucking the entire football team. Funny thing is the thought had never even occurred to me, besides even then I would have understood if she had a few one night stands, and we could have the summers, but I never got the chance to tell her. Her accusation to me was over the phone, she called me from the pay-phone in the hallway near the football locker room, Caller ID is a bitch???????????? However, upon this discovery and the accusation I did start spreading the rumor.

2. What??s the worst reason you gave, to someone, for breaking up?
I started with the standard lines of I don??t think were compatible, it??s not you it??s me, etc, she kept pressing me so I told her the truth, which was ???you??re a bad shoe??r???. I have never seen a woman with such a bad sense of style, don??t get me wrong I am not GQ stylist but damn she always wore really shitty looking clothes and her shoes were discussing, flat, soft soles, scuffed fucking ballet shoes. I do have a bit of a shoe fetish, I love a woman with sexy shoes??????.. my wife has an unlimited budget on shoes.

3. Have you ever engineered the end of a relationship e.g doing something you know will put the other person off? If yes, what did you do?
Never! I hate head games, never played them and refused to play along with them.

4. Have you ever stayed with a partner just because you could not bear to end it?
In a limited way, ones I knew it was over, I would procrastinate on the actually breaking up. To be painfully honest, the actual telling usual came shortly after we had sex for the last time. I know, I know it??s horrible but it??s the truth, in a way the last sex always seemed to make the truth cum out.

5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to end a relationship? What happened? Are you still friends?
Never have and never will, people are complicated, you never know what their needs are any advise by you will only invoke your sense of values on theirs and they are never the same.

Bonus: Have you ever been the cause of a relationship to end? Tell us about it.
My brother??s best friend Todd, three times. Todd was a very good looking guy with the personality of a piece of wood and very jealous. My brother is only 18 months older and we attended many of the same parties. I was always fun at parties, often the center of attention. Three of Todd??s girlfriends wanted to date (fuck) me after meeting me.

The first, Nancy, broke up with Todd by directly telling him she was interested in me. I had never spoken to Nancy, so when Todd told me I was floored.

The second, Janet, I met her at a party, we really had a great time, in the middle of the party, we chased each other into a long grassed field and we fucked each other three times in the moon light, it was amazing. Two weeks later I arrive home my brother is on the back deck with Todd and his girlfriend Janet! The look on her face and mine told Todd everything he needed to know. I did not know Todd was dating Janet, I swear.

Third, Trudy, I knew he was dating her; Trudy was a knock out, beautiful, smart, sexy, tall, funny, and athletic (what an ass). She flat out asked me to come with her to her parent??s cottage for a weekend, I did, we had such erotic chemistry, to this day Trudy has given me the best BJ in my life, the only thing we didn??t perfect was anal sex. We dated each other for three years after that, Todd and I fought each other 7 days after that, I let him win, I felt bad. Trudy graduated first in her dentistry class and has four offices now, Sometimes I still think about the incredible sex we had.

Todd and I are still friends.


Posted: 11:53, 2011-Oct-4 in Jenni Slut Wife
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what if amanda knox is guilty?

I did not follow the Amanda Knox trial. I've read a few articles but that's about it. I don't think I've ever followed a sensational trial in progress, but I might read some wrap-up articles after the fact.What intrigues me about cases like this is not so much the crime itself but how people react to it on the internet and in the media. The Casey Anthony crime was much the same.People invest so


Posted: 02:17, 2011-Oct-4
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i should be working but...

i figured i'd post some pics of some new panties and things that i got over the weekend!!

You like??


Posted: 16:17, 2011-Oct-3 in Mina Stefan
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Member's Update Preview: New CamZ Archive

I just posted a new cam show to my CamZ Archive. You can see the entire 58-minute show inside my member's area. Here's a preview vid cap:

No matter how many toys she's got, every girl has her favorites. My favorites are my purple dildo and my pocket rocket - especially when I use them together :) I can't keep my hands off my pussy for long in today's show, and after rubbing my clit and working four fingers in, I switch to my two favorite toys for a most excellent orgasm.


Posted: 14:42, 2011-Oct-3 in Oasis- The Slut Next Door
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In the video I am wearing THIS outfit. The video is 2:45 long and features the song "Sex and Candy". Its sexier then my Cosplay video and is $30usd.

You can pay by Alertpay or gift card. This video will only be available until Monday October 10, 2011.

*Click HERE to see the outfit*

Get it while it's hot! 


Posted: 08:36, 2011-Oct-3 in Mina Stefan
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Posted: 08:27, 2011-Oct-3 in Mina Stefan
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All I have to give, all I have to offer is this woman here before you, this fair, imperfect surface, these uniquely feminine depths, this mind sharp and hungry and inquiring, this gaze blue, this skin soft, this body supple, this body become electric with your briefest grazing touch, this body yearning to explore possibilities infinite and endless, the sensual, the carnal, the craved, the


Posted: 04:11, 2011-Oct-3 in Love Hate Sex Cake
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fiancee surprised by potent sperm

The American cable outlet Style Network, which also plays here in Australia, has a new "reality" show called "Sperm Donor" that follows professional masturbators as they meet their many kiddies and concurrently shock various acquaintences at the potency of their jism.The pilot episode includes a supposedly real scene where one guy tells his fiancee he has something seventy children, which the


Posted: 02:34, 2011-Oct-3
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PLEASE Help Fight AIDS - Get A Free Specialized Gift From Me

OK guys, Here is an Offer you simply can't refuse!! If you Donate $100 dollars or more, to Help Sophie Dee -> @sophiedee on Twitter, with her fundraising walk in the 27th Annual AIDS WALK Los Angeles! I will give you a personalized, custom background of me, for your computer or laptop!

This is SO very important. PLEASE HELP!!! Either Sophie or I can give you the details of how to get your customized background once Sophie has your donation!

I will customize your background with your first name, plus a personal message and thank you from me, for helping with this most important fight!

Follow us on twitter (@sophiedee and @KhristyCreams) respectfully, and we both can communicate with you about this offer and getting you your personalized background!

Thank you very much, from the bottom of our heart's for helping with the fight to combat, cure and rid the world of AIDS! Kiss...



Posted: 13:35, 2011-Oct-2 in The Khristy Creams
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SeXXXy Sunday #2: My First Naughty Naked Pics

It's SeXXXy Sunday! The theme for this week: Tell and/or show us your first naughty naked picture.

Everyone with a cell phone nowadays seems to be snapping off (and sxting)naked pictures of themselves ?? teenagers, celebrities, politicians. When did you take your first seXXXy naked pic? Who??d you bare it all for? And maybe most importantly, what was their reaction? :) And hey, if you??ve still got it, go ahead and show it!


I remember EXACTLY the scenario surrounding my first naked pictures. It was a moment that changed the course of my life. I'd been living with Lance for a few weeks or possibly even less. We had a room (closet) in the basement of a group house in Bethesda, MD. Our relationship was new, fresh and so, so exciting. Until then, I'd only been in love with one other guy, had only had sex with a few more than that, and had never been in such complete sexual thrall to another human being. It was intense, and probably insane.

We were upstairs in the living room, cuddling on the couch and watching some stupid movie on basic cable. Lance said something about the chick being Rae Dawn Chong, but she looked like crap in this movie. I had always thought that Rae Dawn Chong was really pretty, so I told him there was no way this ugly, scroungy-looking chick could possibly be Rae Dawn Chong. He asked if I wanted to bet on it, and I said sure. We just needed to come up with our forfeits.

Having just traveled across the country, with Lance barely eking out enough from his bulletin boards to buy himself food and me temping, we were totally broke (even though we living in a dark closet in the basement of a group house). I said if I were right he had to splurge and take me out for a nice dinner. He said if he was right, he got to take some naked pictures of me.

Yowsers!!! Lance was really confident that he was right ... and his confidence was making me nervous. Maybe I was wrong. And if I was wrong, could I really let him take pictures of me naked? Scary. But thrilling too. Wondering whether or not I could do it made me tingle. Could I? I never thought "Should I?", just "Could I?". But it was a bet, and if I lost I wouldn't really be responsible for what I had to forfeit, would I? Once that reasoning came into my head, I couldn't let it go. If I did this, it would be because I lost a bet. Not because I wanted to. That reasoning gave me just enough courage to say OK.

We watched the entire stupid movie 'til the end credits, and I was getting more and more nervous as it went on. I was practically biting my nails by the time the credits rolled. And sure enough, it was Rae Dawn Chong. And my fate was sealed.

Lance led me down to our closet of a bedroom and said that I should put on something sexy. Of course I didn't think I owned anything in the least bit sexy. I settled for a Victoria's Secret chemise. I was so nervous my teeth were knocking around inside my head. Lance took out his camera and told me to climb up on the bed. I did, but now what? I had no idea what in the world to do with myself. I had a teddy bear (hey, I was a lot younger then!) on the bed and I clenched it to my chest. Lance started taking pictures. I may have asked him what I should do, but he never was very good at giving modeling directions so I'm sure I just ended up moving around nervously and feeling shy, awkward and ridiculous all at the same time. I was probably stiff as a board and just about the most un-sexy creature imaginable. At least, I felt that way.

And I wasn't even naked yet! Perhaps to ease me in to the whole getting naked part, Lance suggested that we trim my pubes. Yes, I still had bush back then :) I agreed - anything that took the pressure off (and kept me from having to undress in front of a camera by myself) sounded good to me. He disappeared for a few minutes and then came back in with a bowl of water, towel, scissors, razor and shaving cream. I wasn't exactly sure what Lance had in mind, but he laid the towel across the foot of the bed, told me to sit on it and then lay back on the bed. I readily complied.

When I was situated to his satisfaction, he slid the bottom of my chemise up over my waist and then settled himself in between my legs. Gently, he wet down my curls and, using the scissors, snipped away at them, giving me a thorough trim. He brushed aside the snipped hair with the towel, and then bent to lick and suck my clit. I started to relax - this was familiar territory. He nuzzled my pussy for a few minutes longer, until I was feeling quite languorous, and then with lots of water, shaving cream and a damp towel, he shaved my pussy 'til all that was left was a neat little triangle on my mound. My lips were completely bare.

He left to get some clean water and I examined my newly bared pussy. I was still hot and tingling from the cunni, and now I was feeling quite daring and good about myself. Lance came back in with a fresh bowl of warm water and rinsed my pussy off. Then he had me lay back down on the bed and licked and sucked my clit and vag, showing me how much he liked my bare puss.

I was feeling really hot and just a little dazed when he picked up his camera again. I looked at him and saw his erection through his boxers. No longer feeling shy, I removed the chemise completely and did my best to pose for the camera. I still had no idea what I was doing, but now I was aroused, and I knew I was arousing Lance, and it didn't seem scary at all anymore.

Just a few minutes later and the camera was laying on the bed and Lance's mouth was between my thighs again. He licked my puss 'til I came, and then turned me over and fucked me from behind until we came together.

Losing a bet was never more rewarding :)


I just spent about an hour looking through the files of digital photos on my computer. I know we took these pics with real film, but I was hoping they'd been scanned in at some point and that I could find one or two to share. Unfortunately, I've come up empty. I'm pretty sure we do still have the developed pics in one of the several boxes of photos we have stored. I'll rummage and around and see if I can find them. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, click the link below and see who else is playing on the SeXXX Carnival today!


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