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What is Holiday Sex? I think we all know, but it is still funny to think about! In many ways it has evolved over time, but it is still there and we all love it, even if we don't want to admit it!! LOL

The sex you get on a Holiday such as Christmas time for giving your girlfriend/wife a nice gift like jewelry or money or anything else... is Happy Holiday Sex! The recipient then is supposed to reward the giver with sex... thus, Holiday Sex!

Holiday Sex like Birthday Sex, Valentine's Day Sex, Mother's/Father's Day Sex, 4th of July Sex, New Year's Sex, and especially Christmas sex is a fact. Here is sort of how it works:

Man: Here is your gift...

Girl: Oh wow, 2 carat Diamond Ear-rings...

Man: So when do I get my Holiday Sex?

Girl: Right Now!!!

I'm not sure how it worked when the gift giving included the items from these old Christmas ads from the past though? I think the diamond earrings would get you sucked, fucked, and even anal sex, but I'm not sure what is supposed to be exchanged when you get an ironing board from your significant other?? I'm not sure if that even requires you to show your tits to anyone??? Oh well... Merry Christmas to everyone anyway and have some awesome Happy Holiday Sex!!! Kisses...



Posted: 11:20, 2009-Dec-17 in The Khristy Creams
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We Get Closer To Each Other Afterwards

We have posted in the past on other sites about my wife's adventures with her lover. She is soon to be 49 and me 46. It has been quite some time, in fact, since July since they have been together. Busy lives and summer is all we can blame it on. Anyway, I have been urging her to have me contact him for a night of fun and adventure, but it just never clicked for her. Finally, on a recent trip, I emailed her from the road and asked if Saturday night was OK. She emailed me back and told me to set it up. After an exchange of emails, her lover said he would cum on over to our house Saturday night. Last night, Friday, we were all ready to do the nasty as she said she wanted me bad. We had a bit of bedroom talk about she and her lover together and the tide turned quickly and dramatically. For the first time ever, she said to me that I couldn't fuck her that night, in fact, I was not even to get her off as she was saving herself for him. I found that highly erotic and frustrating to say the least. She made me talk to her on what I thought might happen as she stroked my cock and sucked it from time to time.

To add some background, we have always had the three of us together. They always start out by tons of foreplay and heavy kissing and I love to watch. They then fuck and my wife usually wants me by her side at times, but I really enjoy watching them. Some times I get very involved, some times I just sit in the chair and watch. My favorite part and she is well aware is watching his creampie pouring out of her. I usually help myself to it and sometimes I slide into her silky smooth pussy. At one time, I thought it erotic for all us to simply leave our bedroom and for them to share each other in our bed, so I went downstairs and left them to fuck for the third or fourth time that night and listened intently to them from the base of the stairs.

Back to last night. I told wifey that I would really love to have him at some point to stay the night (he's married, so it is not as easy as it may seem) so he can fuck her a couple of times in front of me, but after he adjourns to the guest room she could either join him for another fuck and cum back to me or spend the night fucking and cuddling with him. I then went on to say that she had several choices, 1) I could just stay and join/watch as usual, 2) she can ask me leave after a fuck or two so they could spend some alone time together, 3) she could lead him up to the bedroom soon after arriving and ask me to stay down until they are done, or 4) I could be gone when he arrived and she tells him I got called off for some reason or she could tell him she didn't want me around.

I also said I would love to get him hard for her and clean him up after he cums inside her. We have never broached this with him and we're not sure he would go for it, but wifey is thinking about pushing in that direction with her simply asking him or me "accidently" licking him as I'm underneath her while he pounds her from behind. It is probably pretty obvious to him with me eating his cum out of her, but to be honest, I do it sort of non-chalantly and don't just dive in and lap it up.

Anyway, perhaps that will finally happen tonight. Furthermore, she is not a big fan of cum in her mouth unless it is mine which she oves to swallow completely. For her, it is more of an intimate thing and something she does for hubby only. I have also encouraged her before to let him cum in her mouth and she got as close as telling him to cum on her face which she did, but none in the mouth. I told her I would love for her to take him in her mouth and swallow his cum and she did not object. Would love to kiss her after a private session and taste and smell him in her mouth.

Now, we role-play a lot and most of our talk is in the bedroom, but I always get raging hard and she comes extra hard when I whisper in her ear things I like him doing to her. It usually involves his fat cock inside her, how it stretches her out, and the feeling of his cum shooting deep inside her. We have talked about her going off on a date with him, but for us, that is really pushing the envelope. The thought of me being out of the house when he comes over to fuck her is not as intense, but almost, at least for me. My heart is racing thinking about that option. Honestly, I think if I know my wife, she will probably go for option 2, asking me to leave after a while, but I may need to offer myself leaving as I don't think she is as bold. Well, let's wait for tonight to happen and I hope to have some time later tomorrow to get back on and share what happened.

Next Email

Now the recap of the evenings events! Wifey??™s lover (D) was right on time at 6 p.m. We sat around and caught up for about 30 minutes, but no major move on the wife up to now. Wifey really stepped out of the box by asking him, ???Do you want to go upstairs???? When D said ???sure,??? she then asked me, ???is it OK if we have some time alone???? I told her that was not a problem and off they went. So, I guess, in fact, she chose option 3 above.

They went up and I could soon hear the sound of their smacking lips as I knew they were kissing deeply. I snuck over to the base of the stairs where I could get a better sound of what was going on. The damn creaky stairs prevented me from sneaking up and watching the action! It wasn??™t long before I could hear my wife start to moan and I knew he was inside her. What I didn??™t know is whether he was fucking her on top or whether she was riding him cowgirl style. She loves his fat cock stretching her pussy, but she is not keen on him going too deep as it is uncomfortable.

Regardless, I know she loves to get on top and grind herself to many orgasms. It wasn??™t long before I heard her cum very loudly. Soon after came a second one and a few minutes more another scream shook the house. I could here her saying, ???come on, come on??? encouraging D to cum. I know she was more than happy to have D to cum inside her and soon I heard him grunting as I knew he was shooting deep inside her.

I could here them whispering a bit and then silence. I hung downstairs intentionally. We have never played this out before and we had not discussed the plan prior. I thought for sure she might call me up, so I waited it out.

Wifey doesn??™t like his cum load in her mouth, but she strangely likes to taste a small amount on his cock so I would put any money she was now cleaning him up. D is in his mid-40??™s but he stays rock hard at least for the second go-round. It is fucking amazing. He usually needs only less than 5 minutes before he is ready to fuck again. Sure enough, it wasn??™t long before I could here her moaning again, cumming at least twice more if not a third, and him pumping his cum inside her a second time.

I refused to go up until she called and it wasn??™t long she called me up. When I went in my mouth dropped open. The bed had literally crept across the floor nearly two feet!! She and I have never come close to doing this and I later found out she was riding him both times to orgasm and it was her cowgirl motion that moved it away. It was so fucking funny.

Anyway, I stripped, joined them on the bed for some conversation. My finger casually strayed between her slit and I couldn??™t believe how wet she was. She immediately looked at me and raised her eyebrows. She knows how fucking excited I get when she is full of D??™s cum. When we fuck and I cum inside her, she immediately jumps up and wipes it out, but when D is around, she simply lets his sperm swim around in her. It didn??™t take me long to start to clean her up. There were two loads inside her and I was afraid most of it had already run out. I started at her ass and found that it had run all the way down. When I stuck my tongue in her I was very surprised and excited to find a huge dollop of his cum waiting for me. I made it a point to say to them both so D knew clearly what I was doing, ???Man, you shot a lot inside her.???

It was only a matter of minutes, before D was hard again and wanted to fuck her from behind. She always fantasizes about getting fucked this way with a cock deep in her throat and when it does happen, she goes wild and cums hard. Sure enough, she was sucking me while D was fucking her doggy-style and she was moaning wildly. He was going too deep and I knew she was uncomfortable. She got a bit higher up so she could prevent him from going so deep, but I tried to force her down lower saying, ???is he hurting you a bit???? She moaned ???yes??? and shook her head, so I said, ???that??™s good, I want him to go nice and deep.???

I told D to keep fucking her hard and deep and she was gong wild and eventually came hard on his cock. He kept it up for a few more minutes and I badly wanted to crawl under her, lick her clit and ???accidentally??? lick his cock in the process. I love to fantasize about this and him letting me suck it and alternating fucking her. I would give anything to clean the cum off his cock as it slid out of her. Anyway, it was for not, but D was soon getting very close to cumming and then he grabbed her hips harder and was slamming his cock very deep and fast into her. She couldn??™t hold out and was screaming with another orgasm and D was soon pumping his third load deep inside her.

She was completely spent and although D can go at least four times in about an hour, he said he was spent too. We chatted a bit longer before he left (we all were planning on watching the Red Sox!) and wifey and I could spend some time together. I, of course, cleaned her up until there was no more cum for me. I then slid in to her silky, stretched out pussy. This is absolutely the best feeling in the world. D is much larger than me and I am a bit smaller than average so he managed to stretch her out pretty good. It wasn??™t long before I pumped my load and the fourth of the evening inside her.

The next day, Sunday, I had to get up early for a errand that took a great deal of the day. When I came back we spoke about the evening a bit and wifey was so horny thinking about the night before that she admitted masturbating after I left. Later that night we had another very hot session as we had some pillow talk about the night before. She was sore, for sure, but took me inside her. I couldn??™t stop thinking about the night before, his cum inside her, etc. She egged my on to a great cum while talking about how good her pussy felt with all D??™s cum inside it, how thick his head feels inside her, etc.

The long and the short of it is this. Whenever we have these sessions, we both independently feel so much closer to each other, express our love for each other more, and just want to cuddle for the day. I love her for doing what she does and she loves me for letting her have such fun. All for now. - Andy



Posted: 12:33, 2009-Dec-13 in Cuckold Blog
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Cuckolded & Dominated by His Wife

I'm new to the blog and this is my first post. Not sure what folks will think, but thought i'd share this story anyway. My wife and I have been struggling with some financial issues and because of the stress my wife has not been seeing her boyfriend for the last couple of weeks. The other night I got a little buzzed, and a little big for my britches, and said the first line of my story below. Bad idea resulting major tiff. So the next day I rewrote the event giving it a win win ending. I sent it to my wife and her response follows the story. Hope someone enjoys.

"I hope you know, when this is all done with you're not going to run off and be with Rob."

"Oh sweety..."

You stop doing your hair, and walk into the bedroom wearing nothing but your bra and underwear. I try not to look at your hot ass body for fear of the momentary flash of jealous anger fading away. You have a "poor little boy look on your face" like you feel sorry for me.

"Feeling a little manly tonight, are ya? Are you taking me back? You want me to be all yours again, don't you."

You wrap your arms around my neck. Your words embarrass me and I look away from you, my face red.

You coo seductively into my ear.

"I know you want all of those things, but I also know there's one thing you want more than all of that. You want me to be happy."

You reach up into my hair, pull my face towards yours kissing me gently as you whisper, "Isn't that right?" Our lips barely touching.

"No! I don't want to do this anymore!" I resist, and turn away. You smile and gently push me back so I'm sitting on the bed. You standing above me.

You lift my chin with one finger so that I'm looking up at you. You say nothing, but gaze knowingly down at me. After a long silence, my conflicted emotions overwhelm me. As tears well up in my eyes, you stare at me lovingly.

"It's okay, you can say it." You purr to me.

"I-I-I... want you to be happy more than anything else."

"That's my good boy" Gently stroking my face with your hand.

"and what makes me happy?"

"Having your cake and eating it too..." I whisper, defeated.

"That's right!!!" Giggling with laughter. "You must've forgotten! So why don't you tell me exactly what that entails, so I can be sure you have fully remembered."

I sigh deeply, and begin.

"You enjoy being you husbands Goddess. You love how he worships you, and know that to fully appreciate a Goddess he has to be denied all forms of mutual sexual pleasure. You believe sex is an act that should only occur between equals, which is why i no longer am allowed to make love to my wife. My only focus should be on Your pleasure and happiness. You also believe that my place is one of total subservience, and that you are superior to me in every way."

"Ooooo, it turns me on so much hearing you say it out loud!" You say, unclasping your bra and brushing your breasts against my face.

"So what are you?"

My cock throbs, and my speech is stuttered.

"I am a cum eating cuckold, who's Goddess can suck and fuck whomever she wants."

"That's right!!!" You say with glee. "and you wouldn't want it any other way now would you?"

"No Ma'am."

"So what was with all of that talk earlier?"

I sit silently, now completely mortified that I said what I had said.

"Did you masturbate last night?"

I nod my head.

"See you always get this way after that selfish little dick of yours cums. You try and get all alpha. I can see your Goddess needs to be much more strict with you. I've decided you need a more constant reminder of your place. From this second on, you must ask permission to cum EVERY time. If I'm not around or asleep you are to wait. I now own your little dick, balls, and most importantly, your cum. You are not to waste one drop of it with out my permission. Do you understand?"

I again nod quietly.

"Say it out loud so we can both hear it."

"My dick and balls are yours, and I will not waste your cum without permission."

"Good boy! Don't worry, I'll grant you release on a regular basis at first, but I'm going to begin to lengthen the time between your evacuations until we get to once every three weeks. That is of course if you're a good little cuck, if not then it'll be much longer. No more of those annoying little outbursts, do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Good! Let's start correcting that over active ego right now. I'm going to let you jerk off that tiny little pecker of yours right now."

My heart startles with excitement, but then you continue. A wicked smirk spreads across your face.

"...and while you jack that silly little thing off in front of me, I'm going to watch Oprah. When you're ready to cum you will ask for my permission, I will either grant permission or deny you. If permission is denied, you had better not cum. I don't care what you have to do to stop it, but you had better figure out a way. I will eventually grant you release, and when i do, you are to cum on my foot. Then, once you are drained, you will then lick and suck me clean. You are will be responsible for cleaning all of it up with your mouth. So, for your sake, I hope you have good aim, 'cause watching you licking my carpet clean would be pretty of disgusting. You'll continue to lick and clean my feet until the end of my show, at which time you will receive your punishment for that bullshit you pulled earlier. I'm going to make this one quite severe so that you won't soon forget the lesson. You should know I'm doing this for your own good, because what you said earlier was totally unappealing, and made me feel less attracted to you, and that's not what you want, now is it?

"No Ma'am." I murmur pulling on my hard dick with desperation.

"I didn't think so. Your punishment will be 30 lashes with the cane while wearing your most severe nipple clamps. After every lash you will repeat these words, "I am a cum eating husband and I am so pathetic that do not deserve to have sex with my wife." - and maybe when we've finished, the reality of your situation will finally sink into that silly little brain of yours."

"Ma'am requesting permission to cum."

"Hahahahahhhaaa, so pathetic... DENIED!"

"Now turn on my show for me."

From my wife:

WOW, that was awesome! Loved loved loved everything

"See you always get this way after that selfish little dick of yours cums. I can see your Goddess needs to be much stricter with you. I've decided you need a more constant reminder of your place. From this second on, you must ask permission to cum EVERY time. If I'm not around or asleep you are to wait. I now own your little dick, balls, and most importantly, your cum. You are not to waste one drop of it with out my permission. Do you understand?" -very nice. - LowlyLust



Posted: 17:54, 2009-Dec-10 in Cuckold Blog
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How I keep myself awake during those long drive-times...

I'm bored. and I'm horny.. which is no surprise, to anyone that reads my blog...

I get so bored driving on highways, to the point that I sometimes get "tunnel vision", where all I see, is the strip of highway ahead of me.. but it kind of sways, and I have to keep shaking my head, to keep it clear, so I don't have an accident.
I've tried blasting the music, rolling down all the windows, to the point that, sometimes, it get's so cold that my nipples are painfull hard, and not in a good way, and I'm shaking from the cold.. when I get that way, I just say "fuck it", and pull over somewhere,and take a nap.

But two days ago, I stopped in Home Depot, or as some in the BDSM community call it, "Dom Depot" (LOL!)
I was looking around for a hose-clamp (one of my radiator hoses tends to come loose, so it was time to change the clamp), when I started getting some NASTY ideas!

I remembered the way those mechanics had used oil-filter wrenches on my tits in the past, and how much I loved the feeling, so I decided to see what I could come up with, that might be similar, without spending a small fortune.

In the end, here's what I wound up with:

I use this one, when I REALLY have to wake up, QUICK! I pull my tits out of my top (or just remove my top altogether),and open it wide, position it over my nipple, and just let it SNAP! closed, right on my nipple! (Mind you, I found I have GOT to pull over before I do this! I tried ONCE, to do this while driving, and almost drove off the road!) I do one nipple, and start driving, and after mile or two, I pull over, and do the other nipple!

At this point, I'm screaming, and cursing, but I'm wide awake!! (I've also got a soaking wet pussy by this time! LOL!)
This will keep me awake for a good half hour or so, before it's TOO painfull.. but I'm working on taking it for longer periods..
My next toy, (I bought two of these!), I use to clamp onto my tit-flesh.. these work REALLY well, and they can really compress my big fat tits into some strange shapes!

The pain/pleasure quotient on these is really great, because I get that great rush of endorphins from the pain, which keeps me awake, while the pleasure starts to really build up!

I keep these on for the better part of an hour, tightening them occasionally.

Next, and I think, my favorite, are these awesome hose clamps I found!

They're really huge, just right for my breasts!

I open them up wide, slide my breasts through them, (one for each tit) and start to tighten them.

Once they get GOOD and tight, that's when the fun begins!

They have these notches in them, for the screw threads to grip, to close and open them, and when they start to get tight, they really dig into the skin nicely!

If I'm not careful ( or I'm feeling particularly masochistic at that moment), they pinch my tits very painfully!!!

I've been keeping thse on for hours at a time, sometimes loosening them, sometimes tightening them, and the nice part is, I can wear them under a t-shirt, and no one notices them! And they really lift my tits up nicely!

Then, there's my last toy! I've seen these in bondage supply sites/catalogs, but had no idea home depot sold these!! They're great for nipple clamping! They're easy to put on, but after 15 minutes or so, not so easy to get off!
BTW... the clamps that are pictured here, also work WONDERFULLY on my pussy-lips!!! LOL!
I took a couple of my mini-vibes, pushed them up my pussy, and used the most severe clamp, to keep my pussy closed!
WOW!!! What a feeling!
Till later,
PS.. can anyone tell me why I keep having to go in, and remove so many blank lines from my posts? I know you guys don't see them, but I do, while I'm writing, and have to keep gong back, and hitting delete, to get rid of them!


Posted: 22:12, 2009-Dec-7 in My adventures as a Black Cock Slut
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She Found a Younger Guy


Let me start with a little back ground info. Diane and I have been married for 8 years. She is 38 years old, quiet and conservative but really lightens up when the alcohol hits her. This is a true story. It happened Saturday night. Diane and I were invited to a Halloween party at the home of one of her coworker's. My choice of costume was easy; 1 white sheet later, wha la instant ghost.

Diane put a little more thought into her's. On Friday evening she asked me to drive her into the city of Perth Amboy so she could find a "good" costume. I could tell by the hoochy stores that she was going into that this was going to be a "nice" surprise. The party started at 7pm. At about 6:30 Diane emerges from the bedroom dressed as a young slutty Brittney Spears.

Short plaid mini skirt, tight white button down shirt tight up above her belly and a pair of black loafers. Holly shit did she look HOT!!! When we arrived at the party, the looks she was getting were great. By 11:00 the booze was flowing and Diane was feeling no pain. I was keeping my distance as she seemed to really hit it off with some guy who was about 23 years old dressed as Spiderman. The flirting and electricity in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The host had set up a bonfire in the back yard with hay bails around it for seats. As luck would have it. There were no more open places to sit. Conveniently Diane made herself comfortable on Spiderman's lap. In a matter of minutes he was rubbing her back and neck and playing with her belly button ring. She had on one of those head piece microphones and Jason AKA Spidy kept playfully pulling it off. He finally snatched it and took off running.

Diane grabbed unto him and they both wound up falling into the swimming poll. As they surfaced he pinned her against the side of the pool and they both proceeded to make out for the next ten minutes. After leaving the pool. The host offered them both some dry clothes and towels. Giddy, they both disappeared into an upstairs bedroom. Ten minutes later I had to go and see what if anything was going on. As I approached the door I could hear those little moans of ecstasy coming from my loving wife.

I flung the door open to find the two of them on the bed with him lying flat and Diane riding him. They both stopped and looked at me. Diane said, Uhmm excuse me I 'm a little busy here. Why don't you go home and i'll catch up with you later. I'm sure Jason won't mind giving me a ride home. So with that I took my raging hard on and left. At 8 AM I awoke to feel the sun shining in the window. looking around, there was no sign of Diane. I called her cell phone and it went right to voice mail.

Now I was starting to get nervous. At 9:30 a strange car pulled into the driveway. It was Diane and her new man. After a 2 minute long kiss goodbye she got out and sauntered in the house. With a big grin she sat on the couch and filled me in on the gory details. When she went to change she said that he followed her into the room. The both undressed and dried off. She said that when she saw his v body and 8 inch cock she lost total control. She blew him for about 10 minutes and then mounted him ( that's when I came in) she said they fucked for about 30 minutes but kept getting interupted by other part goers.

They decided to get dressed and go get a hotel room. They went to a place called The Loop Inn, a really classy short stay hotel. They fucked several more times on the bed and in the hot tub before passing out. She said this morning they showered together and she finished him off with a baby oil hand job. The best part is that he didn't realize that she was married until he drove up to the house and she remarked that she hoped I wasn't too worried. He had thought that we were just friends that came to the party together. I've got a feeling that this will not be the last time we see Jason, as the 2 of them have been text messaging back and forth all day today. - Kev



Posted: 18:34, 2009-Dec-6 in Cuckold Blog
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Revisiting Cuck Memories

After reading the many ???cock-hardening??? stories on this site and others, I began to reflect on the experiences and circumstances that formed my lust for seeing other men fuck my wife. Having been married three times, I progressed from one extreme to the other. My initial views on marriage sex as a young man were conservative in the strictest degree.

I would have never ???loaned??? my bride to another man nor considered the suggestion of it. I kept a tight grip on my first wife (one factor in divorce number 1) and expressed my jealousy often. Once the marriage ended and I learned she remarried (pregnant), I often wondered about her new husband fucking her and leaving his hot cum inside her as I did. I still felt the ???pussy??? belonged to me but her remarriage was a catalyst for my changing views about women and sex. In addition, I was at the time on active duty and exposed to all sorts of opinions and stories about couples swapping, threesomes and ???open relationships??? which furthered relaxed my acceptance of ???adventurous??? sex.

Wife number 2 was a firecracker!!! She loved to fuck and was ready whenever I was. Nothing was off limits (mouth, pussy, ass) and I advanced my knowledge and appreciation of sex because of her. I kept a few hardcore porns for our ???adult entertainment??? and especially enjoyed situations where 1 female was fucked by two or more men. I gradually began talking with my then wife about her previous experienced during sex and would cum in an explosion knowing her pussy had been rammed by others.

The opportunity came to invite a friend for a threesome when an old school buddy needed to stay with us after losing his job. Building the courage took some time but after a candid evening discussion about sex, wife2 leaned over to me asking ???are you ready???? I proposed the threesome to my friend but clearly limited no ???guy/ guy??? stuff (I??™m still a bit of a homophobe),which he agreed to. Being naked in bed with another guy was more than ???weird??? but my heart thumped hard, filling my dick to aching capacity knowing someone else would fuck my wife. After my initial turn with the wife, my friend quickly put on a condom and mounted my wife. That moment has altered my views on sex permanently. I laid there beside them as he humped himself deeper into my spouse and she raised her legs, masturbating her clit into orgasm. I don??™t think my friend lasted much longer but I think we enjoyed another threesome later before he found work and moved out.

Wife number three was ten years younger than me and European. Before getting married, I had a long talk with her about my interests and told her that although I am aroused by the thought of a married woman having sex with other men, I would not demand her to have the same interest. I explained that if she ever wanted to ???experiment???, I would like to be a part of it and enjoy it with her. Wife3 was a bit of a challenge. Rarely have I been able to fuck her mouth or ass and she dislikes conversation during sex. She tends to be almost ???boring??? for her quietness and barely makes a peep when cumming, along with having less than half the sex drive I have. The rest of our relationship was very compatible and I believed I could encourage her to be more ???wild??? as time went on.

Around six months later I was away from home for a 45 day training exercise which, after a week made me think constantly of my wife??™s young pussy. I sent daily text messages expressing my horniness and described how I hoped she would fuck another guy. Getting home was like Christmas to me. I couldn??™t wait to get between my woman??™s legs and fuck her hard. I made a mess of her pussy with my built up load in just a few minutes but an even better situation was in the works. The next few days I noticed the wife spending hours online just chatting it up. After asking about it, she said she had posted herself online for a ???fuck buddy??? and had been in contact with another soldier for weeks. My dick was granite hard and I felt a bit proud knowing my wife had considered exploring sex with someone else.

One evening sometime later, the wife met me at the door as I returned home from duty and ushered back into the car. ???Were gonna??™ meet Greg today??? she explained as I started the car and drove to the arranged location. A vacant, but well known lot was picked for the meeting and after exiting the vehicles for a brief hello, I suggested we return to our place since home is better for getting to know each other. On the ride home, the wife was adamant that this was not the ???fuck??? night, just the ???get to know each other night??? but I already planned to insure a threesome would happen. Returning home, we all sat at the kitchen table and talked about sex as if we were in a business meeting.

Greg explained he was married but had an ???open??? relationship. The wife sat idle and listened as I treated Greg more like a job applicant than someone looking for like-minded friends. ???I have robes, let??™s undress and put on the robes to be more comfortable over on the couch??? I suggested as my wife looked at me ???wide-eyed???. Asking my wife to get the robes for us, I could see she hesitated a bit getting up from the table and walked quietly into the bedroom. Greg and I continued talking but after a few minutes, I got up to check on the wife. She had already undressed and put on her robe but looked a bit frozen. ???This wasn??™t supposed to happen tonight??? she protested but I assured her this was to be ???more comfortable??? and just to get over the ???nervousness???.

I explained that how far it went was up to her. I returned to the kitchen and handed Greg his robe, which he took into the bathroom and I busied myself closing the blinds. I undressed in the living room and dimmed the lights, waiting on the couch for the others of my ???fantasy??? to join me. Greg arrived first, making sure to leave sitting space between us for the ???star??? attraction. Finally, the wife made her way from the bedroom and I commented something about ???I thought you left???, earning me a slight shove to the back of my head as she walked from behind the couch. She sat between us, ridged and quiet as Greg and I slowly started fondling her body. It all started very ???tame-like???.

Arms were caressed first, then progressing to bare legs and finally the ???goodies??? under her robe. She continued being ???tense??? but allowed us to ???explore??? her tits willingly. Greg attempted a few times to get access between her legs but she kept him limited by remaining closed legged. Both he and I still enjoyed touching her soft pussy hair and although our cocks were upright and wanting her to return the ???action???, she remained the unresponsive partner in our fun.

Some time passed and I sensed she was now more ???at-ease???. ???Want to lie down on the bed???? I asked which she nodded in agreement. She got up, re-closing her robe and led the way with two aroused men following behind. Robes seemed to fall to the floor simultaneously as each of us climbed into bed with the wife in the middle. Greg and I continued exploring the wife who now opened her legs and allowed more access to her pussy. I backed away a bit to watch as Greg sucked my wife??™s breasts and touched her cunt both inside and out.

After I was sure she was now relaxed and building some lust, I leaned next to her ear and said ???ready???? Again she nodded and opened her legs so Greg could position himself on top her. I reached between them and guided Greg??™s dick into my wife. There is a certain ???symbolism??? by doing this and it also granted me a ???touch??? sense of him entering her (I spread her lips and felt his cock slide past my fingers as it sank). I repositioned my fingers to her clit and ???worked??? there while my wife and Greg began to fuck. Both I and the wife were a little disappointed that Greg had about half my dick size (she confirmed later), she had no trouble building an orgasm and cumming on his rod.

Her clit became rock hard and she gasped a bit as her pussy orgasmed all over Greg??™s cock. I??™ve learned that my wife is a ???cum once??? woman and immediately withdrew my hand as to not hypersensitive her clit. Greg humped faster; knowing my wife had already came and now wanted to do the same. He drove himself into her and lightly groaned as he spurted his juices into my wife. Slowing to a stop, He remained inside her for a bit while his cock relished her pussy, leaving the last pulse of pleasure (and fluid) into my wife.

He rolled from on top her which was my que to have my turn. I quickly took his place and drove my anxious dick into her squishy-wet snatch. Fucking a pussy fresh from another man is the best??¦.BAR NONE! I might have stroked her just a few times but feeling her young pussy as a ???sloppy seconds??? caused me to cum like a maniac. For the second time hot cum was gushed inside her, double filling her pussy to capacity. I also hesitated just a while as the last drips of cum (and pleasure) left me. I pulled my soaking wet semi-hard dick from her and lay back on the bed, spent and satisfied.

The wife made her way into the bathroom to take care of her ???devastated??? cunt while Greg and I recounted the evening. Greg left soon after and although we would have liked to have had him ???visit??? again, he made no effort to contact us. This is a dilemma we would experience again and leave us perplexed. I??™ll never understand guys who don??™t appreciate and take advantage of an invitation to fuck another man??™s wife (more than once). We have always wanted a male friend to be a permanent ???fuck buddy??? but it never happened.

A year later we relocated to Georgia and after settling in, noticed our real estate agent flirting at every opportunity with the wife. Because he was in his 50??™s, the wife disliked the idea of doing anything with him. I gradually found out he joined couples for threesomes and he bragged about his extra large cock. Having never taken an oversized dick, the wife agreed to try it. After a few visits at his place, we invited him to meet us at a local motel (for discreetness).

The first attempt was not very successful but was a learning experience none the less. Again, the wife ended up naked between two men and after suggestions from me, fondled our cocks while we ???felt??? her up. This to me was an accomplishment on her part and I enjoyed knowing her hands held 2 cocks at once. Eventually he got on top of her and fucked her pussy with his ???above average??? cock.

It was not the ???monster??? he made it out to be but stretched her apart into new places anyway. The fuck ended when he tried to slam her pussy doggy-style, ramming her end wall. Now having a hurt puss, my wife convinced us to try again another time. After he left I did however; suck the still fresh fuck sweat from around her hole until she came (the smell of a hot pussy right after a dick drilled it is incredible) and then filled her up with my own cum (his roughness cut short the chance for him to cum).

Try number 2 came weeks later but again had some disappointments. I give hints and clues to the ???bull??? so he understands what works and what does not. He ignored this advice and once my wife was naked in his bed, buried his face into her pussy, making her cum quickly (normally this is the end of sex for the night with my wife). Since her clit is super sensitive after cumming, he only aggravated her crotch by continuing to eat her cunt. After she told him this, he repositioned himself and sank his thick dick into her.

From the edge of the bed, I was enjoying the show of seeing my wife??™s pussy sphincter tight around him but at this point; she??™s just wanting him to ???get his???. Seeing your young wife with an older man is an experience in itself. Watching him stroke deep inside a pussy that belongs to the husband, opening it in new ways and enjoying her body is a memory I still jack off to.

He drilled her for what must have been over fifteen minutes and finally growled as he deeply packed her vagina with his jism. I asked him not to pull out until he went soft. I wanted all his cum inside my wife. Eventually, he pulled away and for the 2nd time in our marriage, I mounted my wife after another man had her. His dick had stretched and cream filled her, causing my dick to feel ???loose??? inside her hot-sloppy wet cooch. I came uncontrollably within a few strokes, dumping loads of white fluid inside her to mix with the other. Pulling away, my cock was ???pudding??? covered and her pussy looked a mess. I loved it.

Now my wife was truly exploring sexuality in new areas. Our realtor had a younger friend whom we had seen around town and the wife wanted to bed him. Although he was married, this only added to the excitement. For my wife to express interest in sex in someone else (without my coaching) was a turn on. I wasted no time arranging a meeting but the wife set ???conditions??? for it.

This would be a ???private??? encounter and the TV would be played loudly so to keep whatever happens ???discreet???. We all met at our realtor??™s house and the wife sat down next to the guy she had been craving and we all began downing beers. It was suggested by our host (realtor) that my wife and new friend go into the bedroom. Looking at the handsome guy my wife asked him ???what do you think???? My cock ached in my pants at this!!!

For her to take the lead and invite him herself (without looking to me for approval) was exciting. They both got up and started the short walk with him in the lead into the bedroom, my wife closing the door behind them. As agreed, the TV was turned up while I and our host busied ourselves with internet porn. It was hard not to think about the next room. My mind raced constantly and I wished I had X-ray vision. She appeared once to get new beers for her and ???friend???. I looked her over for signs of ???fucking??? (none found, clothes and hair all in place) and asked ???how??™s it going???? ???Good??? and with a smile, turned to walk back into the bedroom. ???Damned TV??? I thought as I couldn??™t even hear the door close.

Other than hearing a loud ???thump??? against the wall once shortly after, the next hour was uneventful. My heart still races thinking about it, wondering what??™s happening a few feet away on the other side of a wall. Our host tired of the wait and at the end of about an hour and twenty minutes, reset the TV to a normal volume, planted himself into his recliner and channel surfed. I sat uneasy on the couch. Anxious would be a poor word to describe me, I was way beyond that. I thought I heard muffled conversation from the bedroom and possibly the rustle of clothes (and perhaps the clank of a belt buckle). The door opened and the new ???friend??? was the first to exit. His hair was out of place and shirt tucked hap hazardly into his pants. My wife looked similar, hair not as well placed with a look of tiredness (almost exhaustion).

Eager to get going back home, I briefly said good-by??™s to the two men who had known my wife as I did (not sure if the new friend fucked my wife with 100% assurance at this point but guessed so) and hurried my spouse into the car. The drive home was quiet, neither of us speaking. I was about to burst wanting to know the story. Getting home I told my wife I was unsure if she and the handsome guy had sex. With a tired tone she replied ???well, we did???. She went on to tell me the ???thump??? against the wall was her head hitting the wall while riding ???cowgirl???. I sat as if listening to the greatest story ever as she described how he had relentlessly pounded her pussy ???hard and fast??? for an hour! She admitted the loud TV was beneficial cause??™ she moaned loudly as he drilled her.

I cursed that damned TV to myself and her insistence on having it on cause??™ hearing her cry out like that would have remained with me forever! This experience was into new territory because she had been with another man without me being present. The ???secrecy??? of it was just as appealing. The rest of the evening was a disappointment for me. He had used a condom so no sloppy 2nds for me and because of her exhaustion, I was not permitted to lick (or smell) her love hole. Instead, I jacked off several times that night. Like a spoiled kid, I spent the night unhappy that I didn??™t even get to fuck her after she had just been ploughed.

Poor me.

Fast forward another year and a move to Texas. Now my wife was enlisted in the Army and met a German soldier training at her duty station. I encouraged her to continue their friendship. The day finally came that he visited us one evening. My wife had ???mentioned??? to him previously that we were sort of ???swingers??? so he was aware that fucking my wife was possible. I love evenings, they set the mood for sex and I already knew how to ???create??? an environment to encourage it. My German is terrible so it added to my anticipation to hear them converse. When the time was right, I asked if they would watch TV in the bedroom cause??™ I was ???tired??? and needed the couch (he he).

My wife ???flustered??? a bit at this but they relocated (there were no chairs, only the bed to rest on) and this was just what I wanted. Turning off the lights hid me from their view but allowed be a ???foot of the bed??? view into the bedroom. I immediately wanted to masturbate but waited in case they walked back into the living room. I had to be sure ???it??? was going to happen first. Maybe an hour later the wife walked back into the living room. ???Were going to watch a movie??? she told me while picking out a DVD. This was a good sign since it was after 8pm and he would be committed to stay a bit longer in the bedroom with my wife.

???Turn off the bedroom light please, it bothers me (he he)??? I asked her before she left, earning me a ???disgusted??? look from her. As I asked, the light was off and she explained the reason in German (I suppose) and climbed into bed. The TV in the bedroom also aided me to see what was happening and further hid me. Now I began to feel myself through my jogging pants (a good choice for feeling yourself up versus Levis) just knowing my wife was in bed with someone else. In hindsight, having the door closed would have been just as exciting but that may have been pushing it. Halfway through the movie, I was wet with pre-cum and began to lose hope the event would even happen when I saw him reach over and rub my wife??™s arm with the back of his hand. IT??™S ON!!!

This ???petting??? happened for a while with my wife later placing her arm closer to give him a better reach. My jogging pants were down below my balls as I stroked my cock slowly, waiting for the next progression. Rolling on his side, he now ignored the movie and rubbed along my wife??™s arm, shoulder and stomach. Leaning into her, they started to kiss.

I never seen her kiss someone else and I ached wanting to cum. Kissing continued with his hand under her shirt now, feeling and groping her tits. Clothes interfered with them now and my wife removed her shirt and bra first, causing him to down dress also. Once down to underwear, he slipped his hand into her panties with her spreading wide to give him total access. At times, I had to release my dick to keep hot spurts of cum from blowing out.

Underwear came off soon after and the passionate kissing intensified. Breaking away, he fumbled for a condom and put it on almost nervously. My wife mounted him and sank his dick into her pussy. In a slow tempo, she raised and lowered herself on his cock but the fun was not to last. He was over-excited and came quickly. Some words were exchanged (embarrassed apologies and ???don??™t worry about it??? I suppose) and they began to re-dress. Now I have a problem. I??™m fully erect and have no place to hide because they will soon be out.

Pulling up my clothing and ???pillowing??? my crotch, I braced for being ???caught??? ???keyholing??? the whole event. As soon as the living room lights were on ???I knew you weren??™t asleep??? my wife said in an almost angry tone. Her German friend briefly spoke with her and hastily headed for the door (his pride a little lesser I suppose) and left. I promptly re-directed my wife back into the bedroom where I finished what he started. At this point, we both needed to achieve orgasm. I later encouraged her to give him another chance which she agreed.

Another weekend approached and my wife asked if she could meet her German friend at his place. ???Hell yes??? I responded ???as long as he picks you up since it??™s a big city and I don??™t want you to get lost???. With that, all we needed was the coming Friday night. Arrangements were made that she would meet him on post and he would drive her to his place. Friday arrived, after duty, she changed into ???civies???, kissed me bye and headed out. I was again aroused to no end.

Hours passed. I must have picked up my cell phone wanting to message her. A husband is always worried about his wife??™s safety and eager to know what??™s happening. I resisted the urge and put down the phone (many times), and pretended to have patients. Every time a set of headlights lit up the street I was alert and looking, anxious to see my wife. Around 10:30pm, she finally pulled into the driveway. I was like a puppy happy to see his owner. She came in; carrying a small grocery bag, looking as before (I always assume people that fuck look like they have, whatever that is). ???Well, do you have cum in your pussy??? I asked. ???Yes I do??? she said in an almost boast.???You went into a store with a wet puss??? I asked in amazement (she always said a creampie made her feel ???dirty??? and had to be cleaned).

For her to walk around with another man??™s cum in her was just an extra ???slice of birthday cake???. I wasted no time walking her into the bedroom, laying her on her back and removed her pants and underwear. I expected to see evidence in her panties but found them dry (I didn??™t smell them. I should have). Instead, she had a thick liquid that separated her pussy lips and ran the entire length of her crack. I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to smell her fucked pussy and recall asking for permission (denied! I suppose she thinks that??™s too much).

I would never give oral to another guy but for some reason a creampie seems acceptable. Instead I quickly drove my dick inside her and rubbed her clit. We both came soon (she hadn??™t came yet) and because my load is much more ???fluid???, now she had no choice but to ???cleanup???. Having your wife meet another man for sex and waiting for her to return cannot be described accurately; you have to go through it. I also learned that cum is in many forms. Some guys have thick ???almost paste like??? jism, others have clear to white ???KY??? like sperm (like me). For sloppy 2nds, the latter is much better. I expected to slip and slide inside her but what he left was just not as enjoyable. Knowing his sperm was swimming inside her was pleasurable anyway.

We met with him several more times and tried different versions of threesomes. I had trouble taking turns with her for some reason. I did eventually do this but at first I lost my hard on and had to watch awhile before getting it back. Perhaps it??™s psychological. Up till then, I had been a ???watcher???, a ???go last??? guy but I wanted to ???tag team??? my wife and help the ???bull??? take care of her love hole. I was able to overcome this but it took a few attempts. A good thing never lasts and after a disagreement concerning anal sex, he lost interest (that??™s something I rarely have gotten from the wife myself).I know this seems like a book but hang on for one more.

Not satisfied with the experiences with the last ???bull???, the wife found herself on the internet, searching for a replacement. For her to be the one looking for a bull, always puts ???steel??? in my pants. The act excites me for some reason. Maybe it??™s her interest to get fucked by someone else besides me. Military posts are great cause??™ there??™s no shortage of dick to be found. Enter Adam, a tall, good looking guy who also is in search of a ???fuck buddy???. She had found him while net-surfing and liked what she saw. Communication was made and over the next few days it progressed to cell phone conversations. When he would call, she hurriedly went outside to take the call, making me curious about what was being said. I offered to rent a ???nice??? room for a meeting and she relayed this to Adam. Nice rooms come at a cost but this final adventure was worth it. A date and time was set and I couldn??™t wait.

The room was bi-level with a bed upstairs and down. All furnishings and layout was quality and I hoped his performance would be just as satisfying. We had arrived early and relaxed, wondering if he would even show up. The clock ticked closer and I found myself wondering from room to room thinking about what would happen. I took this time to confirm what my wife expected. Where do you want to fuck, should I wait outside, can I listen in, I asked her in an annoying manner I??™m sure. Basically she had no preference about anything but having said previously that ???private??? fucking is more fun, I told her I would be on the couch during the ???fun???.

A ???knock??? finally came to the door and my wife answered it. Adam was impressive even to me. Young, tall and a handshake meant for a cowboy made me almost feel sorry for what he would do to her crotch. After greetings were exchanged, I suggested my wife give our good looking friend a tour. I placed myself in the recliner (giving them sitting space on the couch for later) as my wife led the stud from room to room. I remember that their first stop in the first bathroom lasted a while (she told me later he placed a firm, passionate kiss on her lips right away. Damn, you go boy!) Returning from the ???field trip???, they sat fairly close to each other on the couch, his arm on the couch back and hand on the back of her neck, messaging it all the while. I tried to make small talk but felt nervous so I pretended to watch TV and ignore them.

No matter how many times I experience this, it makes me feel like a virgin on prom night. In the past, I had coaxed or suggested things to get things going but chose to let nature take its course this time. I felt my ???being there??? had things stalled so I excused myself upstairs and laid on the bed, wondering what I would hear next. The rented room had a great layout for ???spying??? on the floor below. The upper bedroom was more like a balcony overlooking the living room below. I planned to peek over from time to time but waited quietly until they were busy enough to not notice my big head (not my dick) looking down at them. Some words were spoken with a reply ???you can put them over there???, followed by steps and the chime of keys on the kitchen table. Figuring he had just put something on the table and re-sat on the couch, I continued eavesdropping, waiting for something more interesting to feed my curiosity. After sometime, I sat up from the bed and looked over the half wall to see they were gone. ???Shit, I??™m missing it!??? I thought as I crept downstairs to occupy the best seat, the couch.

I was careful to be quiet and not disturb them. This was important for me cause??™ I wanted them to have a good time without my wife??™s pervert husband fumbling it up. At the end of the stairs is the bedroom doorway at the immediate right. In order to get to the couch, I had to cross (the still open) door way and did so as quickly as possible. I caught a glimpse of my naked wife sitting on the edge of the bed facing not directly at me, with him pulling down his underwear, closely in front of her. I was unsure if I was unseen and hoped I wasn??™t. I quickly grabbed the TV remove and gradually turned the volume to zero (another place I wanted to not be noticed). I could hear hard kissing and labored breathing (this guy worked fast). My wife began to lightly moan in rhythm, hinting to me he was probably inside her now and the fucking was taking place. Occasionally, I could also hear Adam ???umph??? and breathe heavy as he went to work on my wife??™s pussy.

My jeans were at knee level as I jacked myself in unison to the sounds from the next room. I felt happy for my wife. Adam seemed to be the best so far and was fucking her like she deserved. I heard my wife grow louder and faster with her whelps and grunts with Adam doing the same in his own way. The bed noise picked up in volume and speed. He was fucking the shit out of my wife and I couldn??™t have been happier about it. My wife let out a sharp high pitched squeal, a pause, followed by a relaxed gasp. She had come. For the second time in our marriage, she came on another man??™s dick. This time without any help from me, Adam was a true stud. When she came it was like I had done it myself. I envisioned how tight she was now. Clamped down on his dick while he thrusted it in and out of her.

I held on tightly to my dick. So much so that my cock turned bluish from the pressure I had ceased masturbating, just content to listen to what would come next. Having brought my wife to orgasm, Adam was driving himself into her ever faster and harder, drawing pleasure from my wife??™s pussy, building his cum to explosion. He pounded her so much that I could visualize his balls bouncing against my wife??™s asshole. Each thrust in her was verified by a quick grunt as his pelvis met hers, driving his cock as deep as possible. ???UUUuuuuuugnh??¦..OHHhh??? I heard as he surely had began shooting hot, pressured streams of cum inside my woman. He continued humping my wife in a gradual decreased force and tempo until there was quiet. I think there was perhaps a kiss between them and he rolled off of her, both of them exhaling deep to catch their breath.

Some talk between them and a laugh followed, telling me it was done. I had previously told my wife to fuck again if he??™s willing and I waited patiently, hoping this would just be the beginning but hearing Adam search for his clothes squelched that hope. After redressing myself, I walked in to see my wife still naked on the bed with Adam sitting on the edge, putting on his shoes. ???Have a good cum??? I said walking toward my wife. ???Yeah, did you??? followed by laughter from the both of them. I smiled (artificially) and gave a long ???No??? reply while their laughter continued. This laugh from them belittled me for some reason.

I felt the butt of their enjoyment at my expense and was a little hurt by it. For the first time I felt like a ???cuck???, and I was put off by it. I realized something at that moment. Cuckolds are sometimes treated with a bit of cruelty by hotwives and bulls. This is fine for the willing participant but I didn??™t like it. I had been generous to allow my wife and this guy to fuck and in return, was made the joker. A keyhole husband voyeurs the action and joins in the fun (if he wants). The husband should be revered and treated with respect (unless you like to be humiliated and punished). I promised myself to not allow my wife (or whoever she??™s with) to use me for a cheap laugh again. It was a blemish on an otherwise perfect evening. I put aside my feelings (but not forgotten) and was able to get some close-up photos of my wife??™s crotch.

His cum had oozed out of her cunt and down her asshole, pooling a small puddle on the bed. Without even wiping her puss, she dressed and we all returned to the living room for a ???relax??? from the action. Adam stayed for a while and channel surfed while my wife curled up on the couch. I was still stewed at the both of them and now wanted him to leave. When he finally got up to leave, I was almost as happy as when he arrived. My wife gave him a long kiss goodbye and closed the door behind him. She sat back down and began playing a ???gameboy???. I looked at her with wonder, thinking about her still wet pussy under her jeans and panties, swimming with his semen. I gave her an hour as a break and then asked for ???my turn???. I undressed quickly; lying on the middle of the bed (she understands this signals ???her on top???) and waited for her to undress (again).

My wife has an awesome foreplay technique where she gets on top and plants her pussy on my dick, causing the cock to lay between her lips and then ???slides??? back in forth (think ???hotdog in the bun???). I have came many times like this but a slippery pussy full of cum intensifies the effect 1,000 times. Adam had also left her pussy somewhat open and after some juicy ???slide??? action, my cock found the hole without any effort. If I could name the best fuck I ever had with my wife,that was it. Her snatch felt almost electric and my dick had no choice but to fill her pussy to overflowing. It was the hardest, best orgasm I ever had in my life. I asked her not to ???clean up??? and fucked her again (twice) before she showered the next morning. Some weeks later I had attempted to contact Adam for another meeting but he didn??™t respond (just as well).

We have since had a baby (a present from Adam?) and my wife has sworn off the ???lifestyle???. ???Not a thing a good mother does??? she explains. Our sex has also taken a change (about twice a month, when ???she??? wants it). I now have permission to find a ???fuck buddy??? (to offset her interest in sex) but trying to be the ???bull??? is a challenge. Being married is hard to sell also. Strange pussy sounds interesting but I would trade all of it to see my wife in action. My wife is still my favorite porn star.

This is probably the end of my wife-sharing experiences. I only have fading memories to jack off too now (and a few close-up picks). The positives outweigh the negatives overall (except not filming any of it) and it was a lot of lusty fun while it lasted. I had previously submitted pics to this site if you want to research under ???wife Sandy???.

So if your wife is just as enthused as you are about sex (and adventurous), tell her how much you appreciate it and that it makes you happy that she shares her experiences with you. An open minded woman, who is willing to keep her man ROCK HARD, is worth her weight in gold (or cum)!

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Secrets can be and are sexy. Knowledge, especially knowledge that is personal and private, can be sexy. Power is definitely sexy, and secrets, those delightful, sparks and scraps of information, hold power. A secret told enough times becomes a story, and while stories hold pleasure and carry power, a story lacks the whispering, murmuring, sensual sexiness of a secret! ???Secret???: all sibilance and cutting consonants, even the word is sexy.

We all carry secrets with us, and almost all of them are erotically charged. They are like me, the girl who was born to please, and can??™t help it. Perhaps that??™s why so many erotic memoirs have the word ???secret??? in the title, and often redundantly as in ???The Secret Diary,??? as if we??™ve any desire to read any other kind. Secrets, like lingerie, demand revelation. A secret that doesn??™t make you want to tell it isn??™t worth a fuck.

It??™s this play between conceal and reveal that rests at the bottom of every burlesque or strip dance. An anonymous sexy girl, oozing across a stage in something semi-revealing, and slowly peeling a layer to drop it with nonchalant disdain, twirling and whirling her hot body and her is-she-or-isn??™t she nakedness, simply says sex secrets will be revealed any moment. The performer, the music, the persona, the pasties, they are all to some degree interchangeable. What is unique is that delicate dance between, the conceal and the reveal. What will she show us, how, and when? Those are the questions that drive the burly-q dance, the strip, and often our erotic lives.

Adult dancers only do on stage metaphorically what we mortals do literally every day. Our bodies all carry secrets. Piercings, tattoos, scars, enhanced boobs, the fragile thrill of lingerie, the tender purple of last night??™s restraints, the not-un-pleasurable rash of too hard fucking by a group of guys, the tell-tale beat-beat-beating of a clit left too long untouched, we walk our patterned lives like we don??™t own these secrets, but we do. We carry them close to our chests, and we throw them gloriously on the table when the time is right. It??™s all a matter of what information should, and shouldn??™t??¦ go public?

Our genitals, after all, are also called our privates. They are not our publics, unless in some kind of transgressive act we choose to make them so. One of my great erotic secrets, the kind of image that animates the blue screen of my mind when I masturbate, is exactly that, my privates become public. I??™m standing proud and naked, and a steady stream of humans, both men and women together, perpetrate unspeakable nasty naughty sexual acts to my exposed genitals until the imagined and the real conflate, collapse and I orgasm hundreds and hundreds of times, back to back, screaming more, more, more and leaving the crowd shuddering in their own masturbatory orgasmic frenzy.

I??™m very bad at keeping many of my own secrets, one of the aspects about me that makes me a very good sex writer but a very bad girlfriend for men. I can keep anyone else??™s secret still as the grave, but my own have a will to be bared. I??™m built to spill. Which is fine if I??™m confessing my love of bukkake, sucking cocks, eating pussy, being gang-fucked and the other dirty bits that get me going, but far less good if I??™m narrating the swan diving delectation of my body and that of another guy.

I??™ll never ever tell everything though. A writer has to keep some things to herself, even if only to ensure that her story will never run dry. Something my pussy never is!! Kisses??¦



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What a day. Several months ago a cuck husband was telling me how he and his wife were going through a new stage in their life, where he no longer satisfied her. In fact she goes out of her way to seek numerous Black men to satisfy her cravings. He has ruefully accepted this reality. She comes home at night after her "dates??? smelling of foreign cologne and the unmistaken smell of just being fucked, she no longer hides her activities to him. This as evident of her cum stained skin or the tell tale marking on her body of handprints and bite marks. He is in turmoil he is very much aroused by all of this but cannot understand why??¦ to make it worst His wife has cut him off not allowing him to have access to her pussy or even the simple pleasures of jerking off to release. Yet he is still very in love with his wife. You may have read about this cuck in a previous post WEEKEND GANG BANG I suggested since he can??™t satisfy her she obviously need more dick than he can provide, give me her cell number he nervously gave it to me and asked what am I going to do. I said it not your concern your wife pussy no longer belongs to you. Yes sir he meekly replied.

So it began, I started to text his wife she was very happy to hear from me, we reminisced about the last time we fucked. I suggest I fly her into NYC for a treat since she is not getting what she needs at home. She replied interesting what did you have in mind. When was the last time you were ganged fucked I crudely replied "oh my not in a long time??? she said. Well set up some thing in your schedule cuz you are coming to NYC for an over due GB. She gushed that would be wonderful.

So for the next several weeks we texted back n forth trying to find the time. Finally we got a mutual agreeable time. We decided it was best for her to fly down in the morning one day in the week and then fly back out the same day. She would leave her house as she would every day the only difference was she was flying to NYC to be a slut for the day and coming back home with her cunt used and abused. I often wonder what folks on the plane would think of this prim and proper articulate blonde with her sparkling wedding band and Anglo Saxon features who was sitting next to them was flying for??¦ perhaps to give a presentation or to close a deal or a for a business meeting as most of the other passengers were doing. How little do they know she was about to spread her legs for some Black dick in NYC the night before I texted her with instructions on what to wear she mused and agreed.

Cuck husband had sent me several pic of her to share with my crew they immediately pounced on the opportunity to fuck her. It was pretty easy organizing it. The wife we were to meet took great pride in keeping herself in shape, wonderful boobs and a killer ass that begged to be fucked. They kept asking for updates as the time approached. The wife and me kept our communication open she kept reminding me how excited she was about finally getting to fuck me and my friends she missed my big cock and her pussy got wet thinking about it. In the meanwhile cuck husband was going up a wall he was IMing me trying to get some insight on what I was planning for his wife. She deliberately kept him in the dark about her date with us, which only humiliated him more. He was desperate for information sensing this I told him his wife was not to fuck him any time before me and my boys get her. Exasperated he told me but that is almost a month which laughed at him and said well get used to it she does what she wants if you want to keep her happy you will do as I say or she will cut you off completely. "Please sir I don??™t want that can I please have a chance to fuck her when she gets back???? It was so pathetic, I almost felt sorry for him but it was not my problem and I said i would think about it. I decided to drop something else on him. I told him I would be fucking his wife bare and cuming in her. They was a very long pause in his response he did not expect that he thought his wife always used protection. Not this time I told him she is a black dick lover and she gonna go home to you with her pussy full of black seed. ???Are all the other guys gonna fuck her bare??? he stammered. No but her new daddy is I told him, she agreed, not much you can do bout it, I am just telling you out of courtesy. The next week was hell for the cuck with his wife denying him and he knowing she will be gang banged by men she did not even know.

The morning before she left for the airport she let him taste her it was pristine clean and untouched. When I picked her up at the airport he was dressed the way I instructed her to, with a minor adjustment (practical reasons). She was stunning and sexy when she got in the car I lifted her dress to see ???my pussy???. Spread them I ordered n she opened her legs give me access to married pussy. Traffic was pretty bad but fingering her sweet cunt as we weaved through traffic made the time past it was moist wet and ready by the time I got to my place. The 2 of the guys were waiting for me as I got to the house you could see their mouths open and lust in their eyes as I guided this horny wife though the front door. We wasted no time in fondling her she was in heat I could smell her cunt as she moaned in delight and the guys pawed and pulled at her clothes. The fingering I gave her in the car already warmed her up. After a glass of wine we quickly moved to the bedroom where the guys gave an all out assault on her body she was on her knees slurping on my cock, it was such a contrast from the refined woman I picked up at the airport. She was about to be smutted out. Drops of pre cum coated her tongue and she relished the taste of my cock I fucked her velvet mouth listening to her gag on the big black cock filling her mouth her pretty blue eyes stared at me intently as I forced more of my cock in her mouth. The other guys started to grope her body telling her how sexy she was and what a fool her husband was for letting her out. She replied my husband doesn??™t do it for me or tell me whom to fuck. I only fuck BBC (Big Black Cock). That seemed to excite the guys as they peeled their clothes off and jumped in bed with this hot wife. I grabbed my camera and begin to shoot. ???nooo??? she stuttered no face as she tried to hide her face. Don??™t worry I told her I wont show your face. But your husband need to see what kind a slut you are why you wont fuck him any more show him what a whore you are for BBC. That put a smile on her face. She shucks the rest of her clothes off n hopped in bed. The first guy propped his self up on a pillow in a sitting position, she greedily scooted over to his dick and start to slurp away making those nasty sucking sound it sounded so far removed from what you would hear from this articulate slut. While she sucked her ass was gyrating and grinding she need a dick in her cunt the guy she was sucking started to tell her what a sluts she was, telling her to suck harder and make spit get his dick wet??¦ which she did oblige too. He began to fuck her face more intently grabbing her hair ramming his dick in and out her mouth. The other guy mounted her ass licking and probing it with his tongue n fingers. With a lil bit of spit and lube she was primed. He rammed his dick in her pussy there was a long wail of oh my god oh my god she pushed back on his thick dick and he grabbed her thighs and as and went to work. They where both talking to her dirty asking her if she liked being gangbanged by BBC but at this point she was being so stuffed what ever she was saying was inaudible. Her cunt was making wet sound and every time her mouth was free there was a hard cock slamming into her, which caused her to emit squeals from her momentarily open mouth so it was impossible for her to answer the guys question as he got pounded. 20 Minutes in her being dicked down the 4th member of our crew arrived. She was in the throws of having and another orgasm with her legs spread open by 2 of the guys while she was being fucked. I motioned for him to come in ???you got another dick say hello to it??? I barked at her. I don??™t think at this point she was aware he was new. All she kept seeing a BBC coming at her. She hungrily reached for the new dick and sucked to life. Timid and reserved at first but now she was fucking and talking like a sailor who really enjoyed Black dick it was a non-stop invasion. When one dick got limp another was there to replace it.

By this time she did not care about the camera so I handed it one of my buddies and hopped on bed n told com-on now you gonna ride daddy dick raw. I swear I did not have to use lube she was so wet. I pulled her hair and brought her face close to my lips and whispered how does that feel slut ???oh god??? she silently said your cock is so big her eyes fluttered and she closed them tightly as she concentrated on the waves of pleasure coursing through her body as her cunt swallowed my Dick ???feels good raw doesn??™t it??? I demanded ???yes yes so fucking good???. "Fuck me!" she shouted as I thrust in, my dick sank deeply into her hot cunt, "Push that dick into me! Further! Fuck, Fuck!" She was pumping her hips hard as she could our two bodies slammed making wet slaps. I grasped tightly onto her breasts. One in each grip, my fingers was squeezing her tits roughly that I knew I was hurting her. But she just kept pushing, jumping, fucking. "Slide it in", she moaned, "Harder, harder, I'm Cumming. Fuck me, oh! Fuck me. FUCK ME!" I jabbed my dick into her pussy as far as it would go. She took it all and just gasped as it bottomed out. Her screams suddenly died to hoarse gasps oh god that was good. Back to reality she dismounted n took a break while the guys stood around waiting for another round.

After another glass of wine she was ready to fuck again the last guy that came in was ready he hopped on top of her sliding his long wet black cock back and forth, into and out of her trembling pussy. Her hands were caressing his balls as if they were precious gems moaning I want your cum Let me feel it shoot all over my breast. Oh, fuck me!" "Deeper Harder oooooooooh harder???. Stroke my cock, baby. They went back and forth with her delirious from all the dick she was getting. I'm Cumming.' He suddenly shouted He sprayed his wad all over her belly and tits he squirted bout 4 shots into the air. Splashing her belly, her breasts, and above her cunt, then one of the other guys that was jacking off to the show groaned I am gonna nut soon. We scrambled out of the way to give him room and he fed her his dick Grabbing her hair he glided in and out her mouth and then with a roar he pulled out did a couple hard strokes and erupted all over her tits. He too also had a huge load her chest was like a glazed donut dripping all that cum. Where are my panties she asked as she looked with pride at all the cum she coaxed out of the guys. I threw her panties to her. You not done yet I told her. Oh I know she said this is for my hubby as she wiped up all the cum dripping from her body onto the panties. I want him to see and smell all the cum I took today she gleefully told us. These are gonna show him what a slut I am, we all laughed at her last comment

I want to see that huge cock cum in me she said. so I handed the camera back to one of the guys Next thing you know was kneeling in front me "I want that cock!" she began flicking her tongue at the head. She then wrapped her mouth around it and sucked it into the opening of her throat. All that dick sucking she did before had made her quite the expert my cock got harder and longer. As it grew, she sucked harder and harder, never letting it retreat from her grasp. She breathed through her nose as my growing cock pushed farther down her throat. Her upper lip grew thin as she tried to pressed it against the base and my belly,??? Suck it, baby. Suck it!" I moaned She forced her tongue out and licked my balls. That??™s it I gasped lick Daddies balls just like that make wet n sloppy I love it, keep licking. A few more balls swallows and she began to let it slip slowly out of her mouth. Then she worked my shaft again A few inches later the tip was pressing against the opening of her throat again.

One of the guys got up to hit her from the back without letting up from my cock; she made several guttural sounds and adjusted to the incoming invasion. He guided his stiff dick into her waiting cunt. In and out, the wet, slippery dick pumped into her cunt that what you want slut he asked as he rapidly moved his hips back and forth-in unison with her head. While he pumped in and out, she licked my shaft and balls. I was nearing an orgasm and pulled back and jacked off while watching her fuck. After a hard pounding she collapsed on the bed and looked at me with her devious eyes and leaned up on her knees and stated to play with her clit n said cum inside me. Cream my pussy. Let me feel it shoot into my cunt watching me pump my dick with those lusty eyes pumping furiously grabbed her n pulled her close I dumped my pulsating load in her married white pussy. And as promised I dropped her off to the airport in time to be home for dinner with a story to tell her husband.

-B. Max


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I Caught Her Downstairs with Him

Due to a severe winter storm my wife and I were trapped at our friends house for several days last winter. We all got along well and enjoyed each other's company but this was the first time we had spent time together this closely. After putting our kids to bed each night we would sit around and play board games while having a few drinks and chatting about all sorts of things.

The atmosphere was very close and friendly by the third night and after a few too many drinks my wife went down stairs with the other guy to challenge him at a game of shooting hoops in the basement. I stayed in the family room with his wife and as we chatted we could hear my wife's screams of laughter as they played below us. We both wondered aloud what they were up to, making all that noise, but we were enjoying each other's company so much that neither of us really cared enough to get up and check on them.

Around midnight I noticed that it was very quiet down stairs and about a half hour later they both came up to join us. We all agreed that we were tired and it was late so we all called it a night, the other couple going up to their room and us at the other end of the hallway in the guest room.

Our room was a large loft over the garage with two single beds which meant that we wouldn't be sleeping together. As a result I had trouble getting to sleep and must have lain awake for at least an hour. While lying staring at the ceiling I heard someone from the other room get up and go down stairs. I thought nothing of it till a few seconds later my wife sat up in her bed and quietly called over to me to see if I was awake.

I thought that she probably wanted me to get her a glass of water and not being in the mood to get up I pretended to be asleep and lay quietly in my bed. She then got out of her bed and very quietly went over to the partly opened door and hesitated for a minute as if she was listening to see who was down stairs. She then quietly opened the door and slipped out into the hall way. I thought she was just going to the bathroom that was right outside our room and waited for the light to go on but it never did.

It was then that I thought I could here someone going down the stairs and now my heart began to speed up thinking that she was up to something. I quietly got out of bed and peeked out into the hall way just in time to see her go into the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs. I could hear whispering but couldn't hear what was being said. The a few seconds later they both appeared coming out of the kitchen which made me jump back but instead of coming up the stairs they tuned the other way and went down the basement stairs instead.

It was now that the truth about what they were up to hit me and a strange sense of arousal came over me. My cock was starting to tingle and I had to see what they were doing.

As I slowly tip-toed down the hall and stairs my heart was pounding in my ears in anticipation of what lay ahead and of the fear of getting caught. I tried to think of an excuse to explain why I was up but was too aroused to think straight. As I came to the doorway at the top of the basement stairs I listened for noise but heard nothing. I just had to know what they were doing so I slowly started to creep gingerly down the stairs, ever worried that they would creak and give me away.

When I was nearly at the bottom I could hear them but it wasn't talking I heard, it was erratic breathing and my wife giggling. At the bottom of the stairs I slowly peeked around the corner and there in the kid's TV room, on the mattress that they sat on for watching TV, was my wife under the other guy. There were no lights on but lighting from the street lights outside came through the basement windows enough for me to see what was happening.

She was on her back with her legs spread wide and he was on top of her humping away. The only noises they made now were the sounds of two people necking deeply and fucking.

By now my cock was fully erect under my pajamas and I couldn't resist the urge to touch myself while I watched and listened to them. I was on the verge of cumming and had to stop fondling myself several times to stop from making a mess in my pajamas. His breathing was now very loud and irregular, and as I watched, he had a very long and powerful orgasm into my wife's pussy. The thought of his cum squirting into her was almost too much for me in my aroused state and realizing that they were probably finished I turned and quietly but quickly snuck back up the stairs and into my bed.

About fifteen minutes later my wife quietly snuck back into our room. I could see her silouhette against the window curtains and as I lay there watching I saw her lift her nighty and take off her panties. She then wiped her pussy with them and took a quick sniff before dropping them on the floor. I continued to watch her as she climbed into her bed and I could see that she was moving ever so slightly under her covers. Then I watched as the covers started to rise and it was then that I realized that she was spreading her legs and masturbating. My cock was pulsing now in rhythm with my pounding heart as I lay there thinking about the other guy's cum leaking out of her pussy while she fingered her clit.

Her orgasm was quick in coming and very intense as she tried to stifle her moans. Her bed was visibly shaking as she came and her legs were pointing straight up into the air. With her last gasp her legs collapsed onto the bed and after a few minutes her breathing had slowed down to normal. She was asleep in 10 minutes.

I was now so horny I was ready to burst. I slowly slipped out of my bed and very quietly crawled over to hers. As I got along side of hers my hand found her panties lying on the floor. My hand was shaking as I brought them up to my face and as I took a deep breath the smell of the other guys cum was very strong. The crotch area was soaking wet with what I knew was his semen and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to rub my cock in it.

I quietly snuck back into my bed with her panties and after pulling down my pajama bottoms I rubbed the wet crotch of the panties on the rock hard head of my penis. It glistened with wetness and as I felt my orgasm coming I lay the panties on my face and breathed in the scent of their sexual encounter.

I could hold myself back no longer and as I came I covered my knob with her panties and shot my cum into the other guys. It was an orgasm of an intensity that I had never before experienced and when it was over my legs were like jello. I was so exhausted that all I could do was toss the panties over towards her bed and hope that they fell close to where I found them so that she wouldn't catch on to what I did. I fell asleep shortly after.

When I awoke early the next morning the memory of the night before came back to me and my cock stiffened immediately. I became very aroused thinking that we had both gone to sleep last night with the other guy's cum on my cock and in her pussy. As much as I wanted to fuck her I knew that she would be asleep at least a couple of more hours. I got up to take a leak and on the way back I saw her panties lying on the floor where they had landed last night. I picked them up and got back into my bed and after pulling the covers up over me I placed them over my face and started to masturbate.

With in a few minutes I had gone from sniffing them to licking them and then sucking on them. I could taste cum and in no time I shot my load into my pajamas. I tossed them back to their spot on the floor and fell back asleep again.

When I awoke about an hour later I looked over and saw that she was not in her bed. This was unussual for her as it was still early in the morning. I quietly got up and listened at our partly open door. I could hear him talking quietly and her giggling from down in the kitchen. Almost immediatly they appeared with their arms around each other's waists, and the bulge in his boxers left no doubt what they were about to do, as they headed down the basement stairs.

I wanted to sneak down and watch but it was light out now and I was afraid of getting caught so I got back into my bed and slowly stroked myself while thinking about what they were doing in the basement. About a half hour later she came into the room and in my advanced state of arrousal I hadn't heard her coming and she caught me stroking myself. I asked her to get into the bed with me but she replied quickly that she wanted to take a shower.

She had every right to not want to do it with me as we always started with me licking her to get her wet, and with her pussy full of his cum she knew I'd find out. But I wanted to push my cock into her and get his sperm all over me so I pleaded with her to just let me poke her quickly as I was close to shooting my load.

She reluctantly agreed and lay down on my bed. I got in position over her and slid up her nighty and just before I pushed myself into her I quickly glimpsed her pussy hairs and I could see that they were wet and matted with his semen. I slid in very easily because she was so juicy and the thought that I was fucking my wife when she was full of another mans sperm and getting it all over my cock made me hornier than I had ever been before.

I quickly faked an orgasm as I wanted to stay horny and lick his cum too. As I lay on top of her she comented on how quickly I came. I told her it was because she was such a turn-on and I asked her if I could give her an orgasm. She knew this meant licking her and she said it might be pretty messy down there right now. I said "I didn't care, its only my own cum."

She hesitated and then quietly said ok . This was too good to be true. Not only was I getting his semen on my cock Iwas also going to get to lick it out of her pussy. After circling her clit with my tongue for a few minutes she opened her legs wide and I spread her lips and started sucking on her little pink hole. Immediatly I could taste his semen and I had to lift my cock off the bed as I was on the verge of cumming. I rubbed my face all over her opening and soon I was covered with his cum. She had a quick orgasm too and as she lay there recovering from it I got up and went to the bathroom.

I locked the door, pulled down my pajama bottoms and looked at my cum covered cock and face in the mirror. I started stroking my penis and came in the sink almost immediatly. I washed off my face but left my penis covered with his cum. When we were around him later in the morning I got aroused just knowing that my wife and I both had his cum on us and in us. We were able to leave that afternoon as the roads were finally opened.

As far as I know this is the only time they did it together and even though I would love her to do it again and tell me about it I know she wouldn't feel the same way about it as I do, but needless to say I think about it a lot when I'm alone and masturbating. Thanks for a a great blog that allows us cucks to express ourselves. The pic is of us in a 69 position but I wish I could see that with her and him that close. Maybe one day. - LLV



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Been away for a while... here's why!

It's been, what? 5 months or so, since I posted last?

I know SOME people have been wondering why.... Well, here goes...

First off, I got lost in wanderlust.. I just kept driving, as long as I could, not staying in any one town, or area, more than a couple of days.

2) My laptop crashed.. or rather, it crashed off a table! Some kid, about 6 or so, I guess, came by, and just swept my laptop, and other things I had on a picnic table, right off the table!!

Little fucking spoiled brat!!!! Her father came over immediately, apologized for his daughter being such a bitch, and insisted on having my laptop repaired..

I explained I would only be in the area a couple of days, but he insisted that the laptop would take more than a week to get fixed. He told me that it was either wait around to get it fixed, or leave with a broken laptop. He couldn't afford a replacement for me.

SO... I stayed around for 4 days, till it was fixed... got to know him a little better, and in the process, for to give his daughter a good spanking! THAT WAS FUN!!

She was a lot nicer to me after that... almost TOO nice.. I think the little bitch enjoyed being spanked! (Her mother had left them a year before, I was told, later)

I got my laptop back, as well as a warm house to sleep in, some DAMNED FINE cooking, and on the night that I was going to leave, I got a pretty good fucking, as well! (I had to initiate it though.. this guy was just TOO nice... )

I might return to him someday... when I'm ready to settle down for a while... who knows?

3) When I got the laptop back, for some reason, I really didn't want to use it.. I got used to being without it for 4 days, and didn't really miss it much...

4)Crossed the Border back into the US in Minnesota, in a little town called
"St Vincent"..

It's a quiet little town.. kinda dead, but it had it's cute qualities to it..
From there, I just started driving again, aimlessly..
To be honest, I stopped keeping track of most of the places I visited..
At one point, I went at least a month with no sex.. not even masturbation! Damned if I know how I did it... I think that, for a while I was slipping in, and out of a case of depression.. I didn't really feel "depressed", per se, but I really had no interest in anything, just driving kind of aimlessly.. sure, I found some nice spots, and was really relaxing for a while, but no real passion for anything.
I know that, for a period of about 2 weeks, I was snapping at people for the littlest, tiny, irritating things!
I mean, I came out of a supermarket, and saw some woman parked literally 10 feet from one of those corrals for shopping carts, and she was too damned lazy to push the cart in! I mean, she just left the cart at the opening of the corral, and I went off!

I was like "Jesus Christ, lady!! How fucking lazy can you be, that you can't push the god damned cart back into the corral????" The look on her face was priceless! She looked shocked, ashamed, confused, and embarrassed, all at once! I think she was ready to piss herself at one point!
I was like "Well, go put the damned cart away, you lazy bitch!!" At that, she kinda snapped out of it, pushed the cart into the corral, making sure it was in line with the others, and even put another cart that was off to the side, back into the corral!!!
I walked away feeling SO much better! A few people even applauded!!
Another time, I went off on this guy for not using his turn signal, before turning into a convenience store.. Again, I just snapped! I walked up to this guy as he was coming out of the store, and asked him "Excuse me, but I think your turn-signal is broken" He looked confused for a minute, and was stupid enough to ask "Really? How do you know?" I looked him right in the eye, and said "Well, I didn't see your turn signal when you cut me off, to come in here, so, it's either broken, of you're TOO FUCKING LAZY TO USE IT!!"
Again, that priceless look! Mostly fear, I think...(Evil grin)
He hopped in his car and took off like a shot!! But he used his turn signal that time! LOL!

I continued driving for months, before I finally got the urge to use the laptop.I was taking little jobs, for a day or two, filling in as a seamstress, pumping gas, doing clerical work, all sorts of stuff.. every town I'd visit, I'd check the local papers for temp work, just enough work to make gas money, and for food, work a day or two, get paid, then move on.
I even worked 3 days in a strip club as a dancer! (Granted, I'm not a GOOD dancer, but they loved my tits, and my hips, so I made about 400 bucks in those 3 days)

I finally stopped in Deadwood, South Dakota, for a week, and thought I might try my hand at hooking again... the first night, after an hour on the streets, LOOKING like a cheap whore, the local cops pulled up to me, said "You must be new here!" I asked why, and they said that I must be, otherwise, I wouldn't be trying to turn tricks in that part of town!THAT explains why I was the only hooker in the area, and I was getting no dates!

I figured, at that point, they knew what I was up to, so I just said to hell with it, went to a bar, and got stinking drunk. Wound up back in the van, passed out for a few hours, then woke up, found a place with wi-fi I could tap into, and checked craigslist personals, for the area.

Hooked up with a guy that wanted a simple "pump and dump", so I contacted him, and that night, met him in a cheap motel, blew him till he was hard, then he fucked me for about 15 minutes, came, and paid me 150 bucks, and left.

Nothing after that, so I hit the casino that night, won 200 bucks playing poker, and left town. Again, I drove, for weeks, again, doing the "temp" thing, until I wound up at a church, of all places! I was just driving around this little town, windows open, tired, trying to stay awake, when I heard the most beautiful sound coming from a cute little church!I went in, sat at the back, and just listened to the choir sing.. I couldn't explain it then, ad can't explain it now, but I suddenly felt full of energy, and better than I had in a year!

(Now, before you guys go "Oh shit.. she's found religion!" It's not like that...I still can't explain it, but I just felt BETTER!!)

I hung around for the rest of the service, then left afterwards, and just sat in the local park, watching people walk around...I felt more at peace with myself than I have in a long, long time!

I wound up staying in town for a week, a longer period of time than I've stayed anywhere, in months! I wound up volunteering at a local charity function, and met a Black Man there, who I wound up spending a few days with.

We talked, and I gave him the "g" rated version of my travels, and my life, and he claimed he understood about "Wanderlust".. He had gone through the same thing, after his wife died a few years ago, and had wound up here, and made a life for himself here.

Yes, in case you're wondering, we DID hook up!! He was in his mid 50's, and was a fantastic lover! Not just a "good fuck", like so many others, but he was gentle, passionate, tender, and caring! It was great sex, in, and of, itself, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, but it wasn't enough to make me consider staying any longer.. After a week in that town, I finally told him I had to go,, time to move on.. He kissed me goodbye, gently, telling me he understood, and gave me a great big hug, telling me that I always had a place here, if I wanted it..

I got back in the van, and left him.. I was almost sorry to be going...

Hooked up with another guy through craigslist, who said he wanted a true slut, to use, and abuse, and share with others. I emailed him, and we got together. After we felt each other out, we felt each other up, then the fun started!

He tied me up, hogtied, and beat my ass, tits, and pussy, till I was screaming in pain, and pleasure, then fucked all 3 holes, cumming in each, and spraying my face with cum! He left me tied like that for a few hours, and came back with 4 other guys, who took turns fucking me, slapping my face, tits, ass, and cunt, pissed on me, spit on me, called me a dirty fucking whore, and making me cum so hard my eyes crossed, and I passed out a few times!

This guy used me for 4 days, in his house, in his yard, he took me to adult theaters and bars, and let friends, and total strangers use my body for their pleasure, not ONCE asking me if I was ok with it! (Well, if I wasn't, I sure would have told him! LOL!)

When I finally left him, I had cum dried all over my body, cum dripping out of my pussy and ass, and I stunk of cum, piss, and pussy!

I drove like that for a week, only stopping for gas, and food (drive-thru's are wonderful!)and a place to piss. The whole time I was driving, I had a buttplug, or a dildo in my ass and cunt, no panties, and just the tiniest skirt and blouse, so I could easily reach down and play with myself while I drove.

After a week, I pulled into a truck-stop, got a shower, changed my clothes, and sat down to the first REAL meal, I'd had in two weeks!

After I was satisfied, I got up, went to the bar, had a few drinks (A few too many, actually), and caught the eye of a trucker coming out of the bathroom.. I winked at him, and went into the MEN'S room, with him following right behind! I gave him a nice blowjob, and he gave me 20 bucks!

After that, I remembered something I read about hookers working truk stops, so went out to the van, got on a wifi connection, and started reading about "lot lizards"... Within the hour, I was dressed like a cheap slut, and walking around the lots, smiling and winking at the truckers, andstarted getting dates! I spent at least 12 hours working that lot, giving blowjobs, and fucks to a bunch of guys, and seeing some really NICE truck cabs!

I only had one bad experience, and that was when I agreed to give a blowjob to this grizzled old guy, who looked like he hadn't shaved in years, and smelt like he hadn't seen soap in years, either! His dick wasn't smelling to great either, but physically, it looked fine, so I mentally blocked out the smell, and gave him my usual, world-class (if I do say so myself) head. He came within minutes, and paid me 50 bucks (I would have charged him only twenty, but he really looked bad, and I thought that would make him change his mind... NOPE!)

Afterwards, I figured that was it for me, so i went back, got another hot shower, gassed up, and got the fuck out of there!

I drove for a couple more days, until I got into Chicago Illinois, and my van seemed to know exactly where to go, to the seediest part of town!

I wound up in some Black bar, and was downing shots of Jack Daniel's like they were cool-aid, and flirting with some real sexy Black Men. I wound up, again, in one of the places I've come to know SO well, the Men's Room... Again, as before, I was on my knees, sucking any cock that got put in my face, being pissed on, slapped, spit on, and occasionally fucked!

When I left, hours later, I was still drunk off my ass (guys kept bringing back shots of Jack for me) and stumbled into the alley to throw up.. weird feeling.. I've never been so drunk before, that I threw up! It must have been acombination of all that Jack, plus all the cum and piss I'd swallowed, because when I threw up, it came out smooth, almost clear! No chunks! When I was done puking my guts out, I stumbled back to the van, and passed out for god-knows-how-long, and when I woke up, and realized where I was, I cleaned myself of as best I could with mouthwash, and wetnaps, and figured I'd better fight my hangover with more Jack Daniel's..

So I went back into the bar, it was early evening, and started drinking again, and again, wound up in the Men's Room!

This time though, I was in the mood for getting my ass fucked, so I told the guys that I was on my period, and that they could have my ass..

I took at least 10 different Black cocks in my ass that night, each of them cumming in my ass, and I licked each one clean afterwards!

yes, I still wound up sucking dick, drinking piss, and getting pissed on, but I didn't drink that much, so when I felt I had had enough, I got up, left, got into the van, and got out of town.

I drove for two days straight, after I had managed to score some meth.. After the meth wore off, I HAD to get a motel room, as I was coming down HARD...

I paid for two days, and slept most of those days.

Drove more... and more, and more, and more...

Met a few cute guys along the way, met some hard-dicked studs, and we used each other, then parted, and I met a few girls that I had some fun with..

Then I was driving again....

Very few "memorable" encounters, other than those I've mentioned...

Called my girls last night... the two oldest are pregnant by Black guys, and the youngest is going steady with an older Black Man.

Ex-Husband is drinking heavily, lost his job, and is looking for work, but the girls say it dosen't look so good there...

Perhaps I should come back home for a while.....We'll See...

Mom and Dad are doing good... Dad found a couple of Black men for Mom to fuck on a regular basis, so she doesn't have to go out to the bars as often (though she still goes at least once or twice a week), so Mom is home more often, keeping house, and Dad says he's hasn't seen her this happy and productive in years! She's getting fucked by Black Cocks at least once a day, every day, and STILL hits the Black bars at least once a week!

I SWEAR! Mom just get's sluttier, as she gets older!

Mom tells me that Dad's got the wife of one on the Black guys, on the side, and he's fucking her 3-4 times a week.. Mom say's that the woman is in her 40's, and that she thinks Dad intends on getting her pregnant....If it's true, I hope Daddy succeeds!

Well, that's it for now... here's a few pics I found, that I liked, that you might enjoy...


Posted: 21:54, 2009-Nov-26 in My adventures as a Black Cock Slut
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Plans and that's all

It's been almost a month since we've played, due to family obligations and travel, and I've not brought the subject up since I knew we couldn't do anything.

She hasn't talked about it much but has said for certain she can't wait to do Darnell, and with a free day in the week coming up she suggested we call Menard and have him come back for a repeat. We're also heading back to the beach where Devin and she spent the night, but no word on that.

As for me, one camcorder died but I've ordered another.

A black cock drought of sorts.

We've noticed the responses to our swinger site ads, the ad we have on an interracial site, to be slowing down. I'm not sure if it is the economy or people being distracted.


Posted: 13:05, 2009-Nov-25 in Journey of a Hotwife
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More from Cuckold Mike


..... After my Wife's first fuck with Bob we had lots of sex all week. I asked if she was going to text him again, of coarse she said yes. It was to be Friday again, my Wife got dressed up in stockings and suspenders for him, she shaved her pussy, put on a little mini skirt and high heels. As per last week she agreed to text me as soon as she arrived at his place. Within half an hour of her leaving, looking gorgeous I might add, I had the text so I knew she was safe.

I went to bed to try and get some rest, my cock was rock hard. I kept drifting off then waking up again, it seem to take forever. How bloody long does it take I kept thinking, she only does it for half an hour with me.

At 1pm I thought she must close to leaving by now, I had a play with myself but didn't let myself come. I dozed off again, when I woke it was nearly 2pm. I couldn't help but text her to ask if she was ok.

I waited, then a text came back. "having too much fun" it said.

My heart pounded, I was shaking and my cock was so hard. What the hell was I doing, I hated this but I was so horny. My Wife was getting fucked by a bigger cock while I waited at home for hours on end.

Eventually she came home at about 3.30pm, she laid on the floor "aren't you going to make me cum" she said. I pulled down my trousers ready to fuck her. "No, with your tongue" I meant.

As I licked her I could taste his cum in her pussy and she was tighter and swollen than I ever remember.

As I licked her she groaned, he had been fucking her for hours but for some reason she couldn't quite get there with him. After ten minutes or so, she had a wonderful orgasm.

I got my cock out and slid it in her, it felt so tight, it was heaven. Sadly I was told to stop as she was sore from Bob's huge cock. My Wife gently wanked me off telling me how good he was as she did it.

I lasted just a few minutes and spat cum all over my neck.

We then went to bed and fell into each others arms. I loved her so much, it was why was I doing this.

Next Friday came, and it was the same routine. She got dressed while I watched and drooled, she looked so horny. My Wife left at 8pm, dressed in just a leopard skin print top, black thong and suspenders. SHE HAD NO SKIRT ON, just a long coat which she was going to undo as she walked down the path to his house. She looked gorgeous and I was so jealous, my Wife was starting to enjoy this more than I was.

I went to bed as usual to try and get some rest, I tossed and turned my penis aching. I waited and waited, then my mobile went off, it was a message. My heart pounded, I opened it to find a picture of her sat astride his cock. She was really wet, her knickers were pulled to one side and his cock was right up her. I was beside myself, I was jealous, horny, worried all at the same time.

I couldn't understand why I wanted this, I loved her being this sexy, dirty little slut. At the same time I was terribly jealous and I wanted her for myself. My Wife is gorgeous but doesn't realize it, she could have been a model and is very well spoken and educated. Here she was, with her legs wide apart letting a stranger fuck her silly and was loving it.

At around three oclock she came home exhausted, she showed me burn marks on her back where he had fucked her hard on the carpet.

She told me she was dying to cum and was I going to clean her up. I of course obliged as usual and she came in my mouth. She seemed to enjoy the fact I was licking spunk out of her, it was turning her on.

I begged her so she let me fuck her a little, but told me to hurry or I would have to settle for a wank as she was sore again. I have attached the picture she sent me that night from her phone.

Hope you enjoy, I have much more to tell you...

Stay tuned....


My Wife had been seeing Bob most Friday's for a couple of months now, she had worn most of her sexy underwear for him. This included an expensive bra and thong I bought her for our wedding anniversary, that she christened for the first time with him. She came home that night in just her long coat, bra, stockings and high heels. Her knickers she presented to me soaked with spunk and her own juices from her coat pocket, she always liked being fucked still wearing her knickers but pulled to one side.

My Wife now was starting to take control, I had metioned that a cuckold fantasy was not to be allowed to fuck your Wife, this was her lover's job. The fantasy was hot but the reality was much harder as I later found out.

Sam suggested that I should start by always wearing a condom as only her lover should ride her bareback and cum in her. This would then lead to no intercoarse at all for me in time. I loved this idea and couldn't believe she'd come up with it. As time went on I struggled to cope, she really did prefere sex with him and it showed. I no longer had to suggest she saw him or text him, she couldn't get enough. I really missed fucking her, she looked so sexy and was getting hotter every week.

We started to argue, I wanted her to stop but she clearly didn't. Funny, when she did miss a week I wanted her to see him again. I hated it but it was such a turn on I was addicted.

One night we had a parents evening at the school, Sam had arranged her Mother to babysit for us. I noticed she was wearing black stockings under a long skirt but thought nothing of it.

Later, after we had finished at the school and were on the way home she asked me to stop the car. She then took off her long skirt and fetched a tight mini skirt out of her bag. " I've got a treat for you" she said.

Sam looked amazing as always, her legs looked gorgeous and her mini skirt was hitched right up in the car showing her thighs. She directed me where to drive, which I realised wasn't home. I was then told to park outside a house where I had a clear veiw of the door. "Wait there" she said.

A tall guy well built guy answered the door, she put her arms round his neck and gave him a long kiss.

I was beside myself, my cock was like rock. I waited not having a clue how long it would be. This had to be her lover's house.

After twenty minutes she came out again, snogged him on the doorstep and walked to the car with a big smile on her face.

As I drove down the road home she told me she was full of his cum. I stopped the car and asked her if I could see. With that she bent right over and pulled her tiny panties to one side, I could see spunk ouzing out of her tight little shaven hole. With that, I struggled but managed to get my tongue right up her and lick her clean. My stomach was churning and I was gagging to fuck her by now, so we rushed home, Sam changing her skirt while I drove.

I soon ushered the babysitter out the door and gave Sam a damm good seeing to, with a condom of coarse.

The picture is of Sam wearing that skirt and stockings.

Hope you enjoy

mike.davis76 @



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She Will Finally Cuckold Me

Dear Editor,

I've been reading your website for a few years now and I wanted to finally add my own story here. Let me start by giving some background information....

I'm 41 years old and previously married. During my first marriage, we were heavily involved in the bdsm community. I was a pretty good dominant and I regularly played with a number of women and did a fair amount of swinging in addition to the bondage stuff. However, I have diabetes and as the years went by I found myself suffering from erectile dysfunction. At first it wasn't too bad and viagra or one of the other drugs would help the problem. Unfortunately, as time went on the drugs stopped working. As a result, I lost the confidence that I needed to be a dominant and I really didn't want to play much in the bedroom either.

A little over three years ago my wife at the time left me. One of the main reasons turned out to be my E.D. I found out later that she had told all of our mutual friends about my "problem" and had regularly ridiculed me about it when I wasn't around.

About 2 1/2 years ago I met Wendy. She and I worked together and things started out with just a bit of flirting. At the time I was 39 and she was 25. Shortly after we met we started dating and things between us were very good. She was completely ok with my E.D. and we found many ways to accomodate my problem and we came up with a lot of creative work arounds. She liked me to wear a strap on and she enjoyed having so many different sized "cocks" inside of her. I knew she loved me, but I also didn't want her to give up having a good hard cock instead of a rubber toy. She's still young and I didn't think it was fair for her to give "real" sex just to be with me.

Not too soon after we started dating, Wendy and her sister Michelle went to St Thomas for a vacation. I found out later that she had fooled around with two black men in her hotel room one night while she was really drunk. Both of the men had gone down on her and she had sucked one of the mens cocks. She told me the guy she blew was really hung. "The size of a spray paint can" was how she described him.

Wendy knew about my earlier bdsm and swinger days, and it wasn't too long before we started to concoct some really wild fantasies while we were having sex. I let her know that I didn't expect her to give up cock and that I was entirely ok with her fucking other guys. I let her know that I was completely turned on by her being with other men. I just wanted to be there while she was getting fucked. I was also completely ok with her being with other women since Wendy had some fantasies in that area as well. I had one friend, Janie, who is married and likes to swing with and without her husband. I had never been with Janie myself, but had wanted to get with her for many years. Wendy found Janie very attractive and she flirted and talked sex with her on many occassions.

Unfortunately, as much as I tried, Wendy said it was all sex talk and she would never want to do anything in real life because she felt it was wrong and that wasn't how she had been raised. Over the next couple of years Wendy entertained my fantasies in a number of ways. She and Janie occassionally made out a bit and would get into some heavy petting, but it never went further. She also had text sex with a few different guys she knew and would tell the guys she wanted them to fuck her, but she never went through with it.

As time went on, we settled into a really good pattern of fantasy sex. She knew my fantasies about us participating in orgies, having gang bangs with Wendy and several men and me servicing her orally and cleaning up her used snatch with my tongue, etc. She liked my swinger and cuckold fantasies but she wasn't willing to do anything in reality.

We got engaged last January and planned the wedding for this November. About a month before the wedding, Wendy, Janie and Michelle all went out drinking at a bar by our house. They stayed until the bar closed and by the time the three of them got to our house they were all totally smashed. They were all laughing and talking loudly about sex.

Wendy immediately gave me a very hot kiss and started grabbing my cock through my shorts while the other two ladies watched and giggled. Before long they were all gathered around the computer looking at porn. Every once in a while Wendy and Janie would hug each other in more than a friendly way and their hands were caressing each others tits and ass.

Eventually Michelle put on some loud dance music and the two sisters started dancing. Janie curled up on the couch next to me and within seconds was cuddling under my arm. She would kiss my neck and ear and whisper that she was horny and wanted Wendy. Janie's hand would occassionally stroke the inside of my thigh and once in a while she let her fingers trail over my shorts and the outline of my cock.

Wendy and Michelle started doing a bit of a strip tease for us and it didn't take long for the sisters to both have their tits out. I was definitely enjoying the show; but I knew that nothing more would happen since my fiancee never let things get too far and besides, her sister was right there.

After a while Michelle went out to her car for some cigarettes. I followed her outside and told her that she should probably get going since it was late (I was still hoping Wendy and Michelle might play around a bit and I could watch). Michelle refused to leave and after a few minutes we went inside the house. We came back into the living room and found Wendy and Janie on the floor in nothing but bras and panties. They were furiously kissing and feeling each other up.

I asked Michelle again to PLEASE LEAVE but she refused and said she wanted to watch. At this point the other two became aware we were in the room. My fiancee took Janie by the hand and told her they should go to the bedroom. Wendy apologised on the way out of the room and said "I hope you don't mind baby. But this is my first time with another girl and I want to be alone." I assured her that it was ok and to go have fun. As much as I wanted to be involved, I wasn't going to risk having them stop because they were uncomfortable with me around.

Once they had gone upstairs, Michelle and I had a quick smoke. She was drunk and horny and she said that she really wanted to watch and that we should sneak into the bedroom. I told her no, but she convinced me to go upstairs and poke my head in.

I snuck up the stairs and let myself into our bedroom. My fiancee and our friend were lying on the bed in nothing but their panties. They were kissing and moaning, slowly caressing each other. It was one of the hottest things I've ever watched. After a few minutes Wendy spoke up, "Babe, if you're going to watch, you might as well join in." She didn't have to ask twice. I was naked and in the bed within seconds.

I was kneeling on the bed, letting my hands roam over both of their bodies while they continued to kiss. Their moans were getting louder and hotter and I had completely forgotten about my sister-in-law until I heard the bedroom door open and she crept in.

Michelle immediately began removing her clothes and she climbed onto the mattress with us. From this point, everything became a blur. I was eating out my fiance while she ate Janie's pussy and Michelle sat on our friends face. We kept switching positions and the sex was great. Janie and Michelle got into a sixty nine and eventually started to make out. I laid on my back and sucked Michelle's tits while Janie blew me as Wendy ate Janie out.

Janie was going down on Michelle as I spanked her ass and told her what a slut she was. I found out that Janie has a great tolerance for pain and I left her ass beet red.

Janie eventually came as Wendy ate her pussy. I came while laying over Michelle, fucking her mouth as I ate her cunt.

As things finally wound down, my future wife and Janie wound up in the shower together while I stayed on the bed with my new sister in law and fucked her with a dildo until she came.

Since that night, Wendy's libido has finally been set free. We haven't had a repeat of that performance although Wendy and Janie slept together the night before our wedding.

Wendy is now committed to becoming my perfect slut wife. She and I are making plans for Wendy to get together and fuck Janie's husband Kevin (he is hesitant since he prefers to just have Janie tell him about her adventures later; but we are hoping he will come around soon). I love that she wants to fuck him and finally make me a cuck. We have another couple that we are friends with and we are hoping that the four of us will get together very soon. We may even find some random guys for her to fuck. She has promised to bring home lots of fresh creampies for me to eat. We may see if one of these guys can get her pregnant as well. I can't wait!!!

I'll write back as soon as I have more stories to share.

I'm enclosing a picture of my wife's tits. I hope that the readers enjoy my story and they can feel free to contact me at:

shecuckoldsme @



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My Fantasy Came True - She Fucked Him

After five years of discussing my fantasy of her fucking another man, my Wife finally started to come round to the idea.

A guy at work had been flirting with her, I suggested she text him to ask to go for a drink. After a few drinks, much persauding and shaking with fear she did, within a few minutes the answer came back positive. He asked her if Friday would be ok. Waiting for Friday to come round was killing me, I had a permanent hard on. Friday came round and I had been pulling my hair out all week, I had no idea what was going to happen although I thought she would probably back out.

I told my Sam ( my Wife) to make it obvious and dress sexy. She went the whole hog, a short little black dress, fishnet stockings, the lot. I had to watch her dress up and shave her pussy into a neat brazilian for another man, I couldn't believe she was doing this. She looked gorgeous and my stomach was churning and I was shaking , but I loved it at the same time.

She left about 8pm and text me half an hour later to let me know she was at his place safe and sound. I went to bed with a raging hard on and tried to get some rest, although I kept playing with myself thinking about what she might be doing. In the back of my mind I thought it was all a game and she was probably out with her friend. I kept watching the clock, it got to 11.30 and I thought she should be home by 12pm as the pubs shut. The clock ticked on, at 1pm I was getting worried so I text her. She text back and said she was fine and would be home late and not to worry.

At 4pm I was worried sick but was feeling ill I was so horny. My mouth was dry and I was shaking, as my stomach churned thinking about what I may have done.

Just after 4pm I got a text, my stomach flipped over as the phone went off. It was Sam, she was on her way home and would be back in 20 minutes or so.

I watched out of the window waiting for her. She pulled up and I watched her get out of the car getting a full view of her stockings. As she walked down the path in her high heels, her dress had crept up and you could see her lace tops on her black stockings.

I opened the front door, she gave me a big long kiss and smiled. I NOTICED STRAIGHT AWAY SHE SMELT DIFFERENT AND I TASTED COCK ON HER LIPS.

"I've done the lot" she said.

"What do you mean, tell me, tell me" I blurted out.WIFE SAM

She pulled the cushions off our sofa and laid down by the fire, she told me how she had been fingered by Bob. He was rough and I liked it she said. His cock was huge which she went on to tell me was much better than mine. They never made it to the pub, as soon as she sat on his sofa and he had seen her stockings that was it. He had started to kiss her and wasted no time in slipping his fingers in her wet cunt.

She opened her legs revealing her thighs and black thong.

"You had better clean me up she said, that's what you always wanted."

I grabbed my camera and took a picture, I wanted to have that image of my Wife forever.

I got down and licked her clean, her tiny panties I pulled to one side which were soaked in her juices and his cum. She told me how he had fingered her roughly, it was a shock but she liked it. She then sucked his huge cock which she rarely does for me. The thing that really shocked me that she then went on to say she let him fuck her without a condom. I knew this was true as I could taste his cum.

Could it get any worse?

His cock was bigger, he was younger than me, she sucked his cock which she never does for me, now I hear he's had his bare cock up her and filled her with cum. He had spent about four hours fucking her until she was sore and swollen.

I could hardly speak but I managed to ask her "do you prefer him to me?"

She never answered.

"You can never make me too jealous" I exclaimed.

"Well, did you prefer him" I asked again.

She looked me in the eyes and said "yes I did, it was as you said it would be"
With that I could bear no more, I stopped licking her and thrust my cock inside her tight little swollen hole.

"Please, not too much, I'm so sore from his huge cock."

She slid back away from me, let me wank you off I've had more than enough cock tonight.

After that, she had many more nights out with Bob and I got to fuck her less and less. She really did prefer sex with him to me and mostly I only got to lick her afterwards but that's another story...

The pictures are real and were taken at the time, hope you enjoy.

P.S. My Wife sent me pictures via sms of Bob's cock right up her tight little hole one night when she was round his house. The same night I received a picture on my phone of her sucking his cock.

Another night I received an email with an attached video of them fucking.

It really was a Cuckolds dream come true.

Cheers Mike.

mike.davis76 @



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Experimenting Indian Cuckold Couple



We are an experimenting Indian couple and the enoromus response we receved and even some imaginative lovers who we may meet made me post this first little experience of ours. This is my second posting in this blog. My first was an experience that had happened more recently in our life and the posting is "Indian Cuckold Couple Invite a Friend" posted on Sunday, November 08, 2009.

This happening happened much long ago; here it goes:

I had to go on a business trip which involved six hours of driving and my wife was with me in the car - After the meeeting we thought of visiting a nearby beach which is famous for Indian ayurvedic messages - I suggested that she go for a massage and she gave me a flat 'NO" for her.

I requested a massage for myself and the guy who mas massaging me was just around twenty years old. I suggested that my wife watch the massage as she had never seen it before.

As my massage was almost geeting over I insisted that she have her at least her feet massaged as it would be cramped. Th boy suggested that a female person is available if my wife wants a massage. "Its just the feet - I am sure you can do it well" was my reply and I made my wife lie on the table - "Remove that skirt and wrap a towel" I matter of fact told my wife as we didn't want oils on the dress as we didn't have another pair to change - very reluctantly just to avoid a fight she very modestly wrapped the towel and pulled down the skirt.

I suggested that I help pour the oil on her feet as he massages - and the feet massage started. My penis was sticking out of the towel I had wrapped and I was just excited as I had my own plans. The oil that I was pouring to help started getting poured from the feet slowly up to the ankles and then to the calf with the towel getting in the way. I slowly got the towel hiked up and the boys hand started creeping up her legs. At one point I told her "Its a professional massage and no harm in getting your full legs massaged" and I just pulled off the towel.

Little did I know that she was wearing a pink lacy panty that day. The boy who was massaging kept his eye away from the panty and was definitely having a good bulge as the sight of my wife lying in a pink hugging top and a pink panty. I was so hard watching my wife giving the boy an erection that I was in pain with all the veins sticking out of my cock. I guess she was enjoying the massaging by this time as I didn't get any resistance as I poured the hot oil up and up her thighs and onto her buttocks.

The boy being a good massager knew how to run his hands slowly up her tighs so by this time the panty as soaked in oil and was just a piece of cloth between her ass cheeks. I kept pouring oils on to her ass cheeks and he was massaging her tight buns deeply; by this time I has lifted the blouse a little and her back too was exposed and the oil has reached the small of her back. "remove your top - dont get a good blouse stained" and whether she enjoyed it or not, she pulled off her top and was lying on her stomach.

He proceeded to massage her back and the boy looked at me when the back of her bra was getting in the way. Without asking unhooked her bra and she kept her arms close by her side so that the breast would not be exposed. The boy who was tensed anxious and at the same time enjoying this customer started massaging her shoulder and the sides of her rib case and he brushed her breasts because my wife looked back to make sure that I was there and that she is safe. The sight of the boy rubbing her whole back from neck to toe with just a panties strip on her was too much for me to watch.

After an hour or so he asked that she turn over and she did slowly. That was a sight I will remember all my life - Unhooked bra cups just covering her breasts loosely and the pubic hairs all sticking though the lace and side of the pink lace panties. She pulled her panty up and tightened so that it doesn't get accidentally pulled down. But she didn't realize that her oil covered panty and her oil dripped (maybe wet and juicy too!!!!) pussy was exposed tight through the think material.

The shape of her cunt lips was very visible as he started the masage again from her toes to her legs and to the junction of her panty. Each time the boy's massaging hands reached the junction of the panties it would rub on her lips and go off - the effect it had was visible as her eyes were tightly shut, and the thigh muscles got tightened. I am not sure whether it was a massage at all or foreplay now. At one time the panty got pulled down to the pubic hair line while her lower tummy was massaged and then the boy was clearly enjoying her navel - he was pouring oil there as some artist was enjoying the painting - he filled the navel with oil and poked a finger into it slowly and caressed the tummy along the line of oil flow.

Not a word was spoken by anyone of us all through this as it was just not planned and the atmosphere was very sexually charged.

When the boy reached her chest he asked me "remove bra please" he clearly wanted to squeese her breast. But my wife said "Don't, don't remove the bra, the rest of the massage will do" - I tried twice to remove the bra but I failed. So the boy started with her shoulder by standing behind her back and as the bra was unhooked and as I was pouring oil onto the swell of her breast, each time he massaged the upper front swell of the breast, the boobs would get a little more exposed without she knowing (We guess!!!!). I managed to watch the boy massage up to the dark circle around her nipple with her nipple exposed but he dared not venture to touch her nipple as we didn't want her to sudenly cover up the almost exposed boobs.

I was leaking through my painful hard cock and I can only dream what the boy was suffering through his tight pants. As it was getting to a close the boy as if giving a farewell kiss ran a feathery finger through the whole length of her body - from left shoulder to the left toe and from the right toe to the right shoulder and then from the through the half exposed breast and over the unclasped bra through her tummy to her pussy and the finger came back and rested on her tummy.

It so barely touching and feathery and so tender that she has all her hairs ends standing all over her. She got up after the masage and wrapped her towel (while hooking the bra we got to see her full breast by the side) and was very casual about the massage and went for a bath. This happened three years back and till now she has not admitted that she was sexually excited by the touch, nor have I asked as it was her first male touch.

I went for a shower and even without touching I shot my cum to the far away wall of the shower. I was still so hard that I immediately mastrubated again and came alot - this was one of the few times I have been able to have two orgasms in a short time. I am a very normal guy with a normal five or maybe six inch average cock.

The picture is of lying on her stomach and the other one is of her breast, both taken at some other time -just to give you an idea what the massaging young boy experienced. We have had only two massaging experiences like this in our life and this is the first one. If you can send me a email as to what you felt and did while reading this experince of mine and as to what you guess WAS MY WIFE'S FEELINGS DURING THE MASSAGE I would be very grateful.

I always wonder whether she was genuinely wet and excited and masturbated in the shower or whether she was stiff and uncomfortable as it was the first experience of a village catholic girl being touched by some one other than her husband. Hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you.

My email is:

georgejoseph69 @



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Blond SlutWfie Cheats with Her Stepson

Rachel Love recently married a man with a highly suspicious son. While trying to bust his stepmom, she ends up busting him jerking off. Soon, the stepson has all the proof he needs.

Want to read the whole story?


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How I Became a Cuckold

Back in the mid 90s my wife decided she wanted to learn about restoring old houses so she found a company that was looking for help and volunteered to work for free. She worked for them for about two years, three days a week; she was the only female on the crew and would come home and tell me about her day.

When she started the job she was maybe 20 pounds or so over weight as the first year went by and she lost the baby fat and looked great. After the first year the owner of the company began to hit on her, nothing serious just flirting and the other guys on the crew became protective of her. We would have great sex fantasizing about her having sex with different guys on the crew. After a while I got resentful of her spending so much time with the crew but did not ask her to quit knowing how much she enjoyed it.

Then she came home one day and told me they had a job out of town and would be staying at a rented house with all five guys on the crew. I didn??™t like it but let her go none the less. It was only a month but things became strained between us, but still I said nothing. (My mistake) After they finished the job she continued to work with the company causing more strain on our relationship.

The next summer we were out with friends having drinks and she started talking about how she would be working out of town next month again. I went ballistic when we got home we had a huge argument and she told me she was going whether I liked it or not, we settled into an uncomfortable truce for the next month before she went. I did not want to tell her she could not go out of fear she would resent me, and there was still a small part of me that got off on the fantasy of her having sex while out of town. When she went she would leave on Monday morning and return late Wednesday evening on the second week I came home early from work on Wednesday and found her home lying in bed in a pair of tan shorts and a tea shirt.

I went over and kissed her and we started fooling around I got her shirt and bra off and then her shorts and panty??™s and went to go down on her, she pulled me up and we started to kiss me, she had always been shy about being eaten so I thought nothing of it. As we started to have sex she said, "he ate my pussy"

I started to fuck her harder saying "really?", she said yes. I asked her did he fuck you the whole time thinking we were playing the same old game, she said yes I asked her did he come in you, she said yes in her mouth, and began to cry saying you don??™t think I??™m a whore do you. No I said and came harder than ever before. When we were done I comforted her and telling her it was okay I loved her and wanted to hear all about it she told me and we fucked four more times that afternoon.

Later that night I was eaten up with jealousy and couldn??™t sleep I had to call out of work the next day. We made it through the rest of the week alternating between great sex and hurt. Then Sunday rolled around and she started getting ready to head out of town again I was beside myself saying, ???you can??™t go back,??? She said she had to or the rest of the crew would guess something happened and that she had had sex with Joe. As it turned out she did not have sex with the owner of the company Steve although he kept hitting on her. She went and worked for three more weeks before quitting we went through counseling and had a lot of sex talking about the incident.

About three months later she was out shopping while I was home when the phone rang I picked it up and the person on the other end hung up without saying a word. I star 69 the number and when the person answered I new it was Joe. I asked him why he was calling my wife he said just to say hello I told him I knew he had fucked my wife and if he told me the truth he would never have to meet me, If he lied however I was going to find him and tell his wife all about it.

I asked him how many times they had sex, thinking it was only the one time, I was wrong. He said they had sex three and half times twice out of town and once in a hotel room in town. Needless to say I was turned on but mad as hell when the wife got home and I confronted she told me everything. When she had gone back the next week he had snuck into her room that night while she was in bed and began rubbing her breasts she began rubbing his dick through his pants as he stood next the bed.

He pulled back the covers and pulled the night shirt she wore up over her head and began to rub her pussy while she undid his pants and sucked his dick, she said she could taste the pre cum. He got undressed got into bed with her and began to fuck after awhile he rolled her over and fucked her from behind as he was going at he whispered in her ear that he wanted to come in her mouth again. He pulled out kneeling on the end of the bed and she sucked his cock till he came in her mouth.

Then the last week she worked out of town her and Joe went up to Tom??™s room Tom rolled a joint and him and Joe got stoned and kept feeding her beer. Tom was up playing with the radio while sitting on the bed Joe began rub the side of her breast and kissing her neck she pushed him away and told him to knock it off. He told her it was okay that Tom new about them she still told him no but was soaking wet thinking about what they must have had planned.

Joe leaned her back on the bed and began to kiss her when she sat up she was amazed that her shirt was open and Joe had his dick out of his pants. Tom was still playing with the radio as she went down on Joe when she looked up again Tom had his pants down and was jerking off. Joe pulled his clothes off unbuttoned her pants and told her to stand. She stood and bent over to keep sucking Joe??™s dick, she said Tom came up behind and pulled her pants and panty??™s down in one movement.

She stepped out of her pants and Tom rubbed her pussy from behind then spread he lips and entered her and fucked her while she sucked Joe??™s dick. After a while they switched Tom sat on the bed so she could suck him and Joe fucked her from behind then Tom pulled her on top of him on the bed Joe??™s dick slid out of her and Tom replaced with his. As she lay on top of Tom with his dick in her pussy Joe began to rub his dick on her asshole she said he got the tip in then pulled out and came on her ass. Tom rolled her over when Joe was done and fucked her till he came in her pussy. She was not on the pill but luckily did not get pregnant.

The next time was after she had left the company she met Joe at a hotel and he fucked her he wanted to come in her pussy like Tom had she let him and I found out that later that day I had eaten her pussy. The half was a blow job in his truck a week before she cut off the relationship.

We got past it and have a great relationship and now she fucks three or four guys a year. - John

light381 @



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Indian Cuckold Couple Invite a Friend


We are a very conservative Indian married couple, been married for eight years, me thirty six years old and my wife thirty two years. She is a very conservative catholic girl and a virgin at the time of our marriage. The internet opened up our marraige a little with me chatting and she joining a little; I taught her to chat and slowly we started caming and even caming full sex.

We made friends with a couple but I was somehow more interested in watching my wife getting seduced and fucked by someone. To make it short this net friend of ours visited us and we were like normal friends the whole day.

At night still nothing was happening after dinner even though the whole atmosphere was sexually charged. I started playing a prono film and started caressing and kissing my wife while our friend was sitting close to us on our bed. I should reallly compliment him on his patience as he started just by holding her hand for a long time and giving her time to open up.

I should say that we were very lucky as he was a very skilled lover and his foreplay lasted many a hour which made my wife beg me, not him as she was very shy "I need to get fucked, pleaseeeeeeeee put it in me" I didn't fuck her as I was getting her ready for him. The one picture is she being on all fours and her jucies dripping for him to penetrate her. I am not much of a story teller, but writing this was easy as its just a narration of a real life incident.

That is the day I found out many a spot in my wifes body which drives her crazy like her arm pits and sucking her fingers. Nowadays when I really in a mood I lick her armpits and suck her fingers and I definately find a tightening in her pussy - memories of that wonderful night. We are again in a mood to make friends with other couples and be close to them even though a MFM of my wife is what I realy prefer.

Our email is georgejoseph69 @



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Our First Cuckold Experience

Hi, I'm a new reader to the blog. I'm 24 years old and British.

I thought I'd share my first cuckold experience, so here goes.

It was 2005, and I had just started dating my girlfriend at the time, now my wife. It was about three months into our realtionship, and we were talking one night over a glass of white (or ten). I had been wanting to ask her about cuckolding for a few weeks now, ever since I stumbled across the concept of it. So, after a few drinks, I brung it up with her. To my surprise, she had heard of it, too. She was unsure as to whether she would like it, but after a some persuasion she agreed to give it a try.

We found a reasonable candidate (her friend from work) and Amy, my wife, made suitable arrangements as to when and where it would happen. She showed me some pictures of him, and he was an attractive man. I was looking forward to it, and she was too. Devon, the man from work, hadn't had any cucking before, but he warmed to the idea. We decided to set the occasion for a Thursday night after my wife and her partner had finished work.

My wife finished work at six o'clock. She rang me before she set off, and told me to be ready. I was so excited, and ready for it more than ever. I stripped off, and set the scene before they arrived. At this point my heart was racing with excitement. I was in our bedroom, and I heard the door opening. I nearly came right then and there. After a few moments, my wife and her friend headed upstairs. This was the first time I had seen this man in real life, and he was very attractive. When he entered the room, he had an erection in his trousers. I was so looking forward to this. My wife removed her clothes, but the man kept his on. I was confused, until my wife proceeded to remove them for him.

She removed his shirt, and he was quite hairy but also quite ripped. She then removed his trousers, and by now his erection was steel like. She rubbed his chest up and down before proceeding to take of his y-fronts. Holy god. His cock was delicious. It was very VERY fat, but not too long. I had to breath in to stop myself from cumming. My wife then grabbed his schlong and started to suck it. The man held her head and stroked her hair. I was so hard.

She gave him head for a good few minutes, before they proceeded over to the bed, where I was sitting. My wife asked me if I wanted to go down on Devon, and I croakily agreed. I was so nervous and intimiated by this huge, tanned cock. I placed my right hand upon it, and began jacking it slowly. Then I proceeded to place it inside my mouth. It was a weird feeling. It tasted salty, yet it was nice. I sucked the man off for a few moments, before declaring that was enough. My wife then pushed me off the bed, and I hit the floor with a thud. She spread her legs wide on the bed, before asking Devon to penetrate her. He did so. I came a little. I was so horny. Here I was, watching my wife getting fucked by a huge, african american black guy. It was heaven, minus the angels.

Devon and Amy fucked for a good 25 minutes, before they went back to going down on one another. She sucked Devons schlong again, his cock, as well as mine, pumping with excitement. After ten minutes or so of sucking, Amy ordered Devon to punish me for having such a small penis (I found out afterwards that she had read up on cuckolding and was getting into it). She told him to hit me with his cock, which he did so. It was pleasureable, as Amy held my hands behind my back. After this, they proceeded to the bed, where Amy got on all fours. She screamed at the monster-like Devon to ram her anus like never before. He did, and I blew my load right there. It was brilliant.

This experience helped us to be closer to one another, and we have cucked with Devon multiple times since this event. Attached is a picture of her arse and what Devon devoured that night. - BCuck



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BIG MAX BANGING THE MILFs Vol. 15 is almost a continuation from Max banging the MILFs 14. Some of the same wives come back for more. Seven different sluts in all are on this flick. Lavender and her new cuck boy returns... for more abuse. Me and a buddy fuck and tag-team slut slave Michelle. Slut Momo is also here , and boy does get her pussy pounded. The sexy Sara Jay makes an appearance on this series giving me a wet sloppy Blowjob. Speaking of big ass; Lala Moans get fucked to a screaming orgasm after spending the night at My place.

Various Slut wives also in this featured on this DVD to purchase go to KillerCram DVD
or check out the preview

Time 120min


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